Hello it’s Lue. I want to say thank you 4 the lift.

I waited for his response and heard the shuddering of the phone beeper. I took some time to check it but I knew I had too.

Good evening Lue. I’ve been waiting for this text the whole day. I’m glad you got back to me. How you doing this time?

I’m good, I actually thought you were asleep, you won’t believe I hesitated texting you.

Not by any chance. I knew you were going to text my way.

I wonder how you can proximately read my mind.

You’re an open book I guess. Anyway I would love to know your full name please, if you don’t mind…

Lulama is the name

Wow! I like. Lubanzi and Lulama? such an item.

Don’t know bout that 

Well I do 

Mr know it all; anyway I have to sleep…

Are you sure you want that?

OK, to be honest, that was the last thing I wanted to do and I felt those butterflies after reading that text.

Yes, yes, I’m sure I want that…

OK, but don’t forget that I can read your mind Lulama and I know what you are thinking

At that very moment, I was stunned. I asked myself if he knew that I’d fallen for him.

I bet you do I tried not to sound frantic.

 You can sleep miss, it’s fine.

Good night Banzi

Good night Lue.

I never slept, speculating under the blankets. I couldn’t stop thinking about the guy. To me he was picture-perfect; his caramel complexion, lean lips, a body to die for, his sexy way of speaking, how he laughs, those white teeth, everything about him was perfectly positioned. A thought popped into my mind: what if he has a woman? The shaking repeated itself, I felt cold all over the bed. Honestly, I cannot befriend him if he is taken, I thought. I recalled my friend Mandy, she was a critic but I needed some advice here, so I took my phone and dialled her number.

“Hello, hello, hello, baby how you doing?” hyperactive as always, Mandy answered.

“Hello girlfriend, how you doing?” I said as serenely as I could speak.

“OK, I know that tone, what’s up? Talk to me girl.”

“No it’s nothing, I just missed you friend,”

“You can fool everyone but not me, remember? Talk to me, is it a man?”

“Man? Hell no! You know exactly I gave up on dating a year ago.”

“Then what is it? Did something happen today? Or maybe you should tell me about your day perhaps.”

“Nothing stimulating about my day hey.”

“OK, so how is work then?”

“Work is fine. Today I had to cut off a lunch with Banzi… I… I mean some friend…”

“I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!” she screamed, cutting me off. “I want every detail: Who is he? Where did you meet? How does he look like? Does he drive? Is he sexy?” she was sounding excited.

“Whoa!!! One question at a time.” I demanded.

“OK where did you meet?”

I told her the whole story.

“But there is this strange thing about him having a girlfriend. I don’t know what it is though…”

“Sweetie these men can be confusing sometimes but if you love him you have nothing to lose; go get your man. You know when I met Jacob, I thought he was a twitch but he was better than Collin but I truly loved Zany, oh my goodness! I still wish Jade was still my boyfriend…”

“There we go with your squad. I have to sleep, got a case tomorrow girl.”

She laughed sarcastically. “I love you. Can’t wait for you to get back in the game.”

“Whatever, love you too.” I hung up and plugged in my earphones and fell asleep listening to music.


Tell us: Do you think Banzi has a girlfriend? Should Lue ask him or wait for him to say something?