I eventually managed to find the phone book menu of Precious’ Blackberry after quite some time, by luck I guess. What can I say, I ain’t used to these modern cellphones. I then click on the green button of the phone and make the call.

“Hey Precious,” a voice says. That’s Collen’s voice, I think.

“It ain’t Precious, it’s Benard,” I say, correcting him.

“Agg…” was his response.

“Wait, don’t hang up, Precious told me to call you,” I say.

“What for?” Collen responds, sounding agitated.

“I don’t know, she just told me that she wants you here in Middle Stallian,” I explain.

“Agg, what for?” he asks.

“Dude, I don’t know, she just said so,” I answer.

“Haha,” he laughs. “I almost forgot that you’re now a retard,” he adds.

“Agg, just get your butt here and stop blabbing man,” I say agitated.

He hangs up.

Well, that went well, I think to myself. I go and sit down on a bench, doing nothing besides thinking. It’s when I’m sitting I start feeling all depressed and stuff. I start thinking that maybe I should just skip the country and start a new life, as all of this is just confusing for me. I just don’t get why nor how I got involved in all of this in the first place. I just don’t get it. Or maybe someone has bewitched me or something, because this ain’t something that can happen as a coincidence. I’ve heard and seen a lot of people having bad luck but what I’m experiencing is ridiculous. Right now I would be studying or doing something creative as none of this would be happening to me. This is seriously stressing me out.

I start feeling dizzy, I’m breathing faster, my hands start feeling itchy. I stand up and walk towards the bathroom sign; I feel like I might collapse at any time. I push the door open – I need water. I place my hand under the tap so that the water flows to my mouth. Weirdly the water tastes slightly sweet. I splash my face with the water. Funnily enough my body started to feel better. I can’t feel the itchiness, the heavy breathing anymore. I head back, wiping the small drops of water off my face.

I go back and sit down on the bench. A short while later the doc comes. “Doc, is my girlfriend all right?” I ask, pretending to be concerned. Not that I’m not concerned but I know that she’s got a drug in her body.

The doc looks calm and serious. “Your girlfriend is well and healthy,” he says, examining me closely.

“Huh, she’s well?” I ask, shocked.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t she?” he asks. I feel like the doc is trying to corner me or something, I should respond smartly.

“Ha, nothing, just asking,” I respond, looking serious.

“Well I did find that your girlfriend has a drug in her blood stream called amphetamine.” He repeats himself: “Your girlfriend is diagnosed with a drug called amphetamine”.

“Ampheta… what?” I ask, confused.

“Amphetamine, it’s a drug that has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system and can be both physical and psychologically addictive when overused,” the doc explains. Wow, that’s exactly what’s in my bloodstream too.

“But this ampheta… whatever, does it have any side effects or anything?” I ask.

“Well, the good thing about it, or rather the psychological effects of the drug is that it increases feelings of euphoria, alertness, concentration, energy, self confidence and sociability,” the doc elaborates.

Well, that explains why I’ve been all social and confident and cocky stuff.

“And the negative side effects, Doc?” I ask.

“Irritability, aggression, psychomotor agitation, mental fatigue, mental depression, weight loss and increased appetite,” he explains.

I guess that’s why I felt really hungry when I took the tablet of this ampheta… whatever.

“How dangerous is it?” I ask once again.

“The amphetamine drug is really dangerous, it should only used by people who have low energy, it’s really addictive and it can kill you in a matter of weeks or months, it really depends on how strong your body is at times,” the doc further explains.

I’ll start going to a rehab centre once all of this is over, I think, looking up.

“Where’s your mind at?” the doc asks puzzled.

“Sorry, just a bit confused with all of this,” I respond.

“Oh, I understand, it can’t be easy I know.”

“You got no idea,” I respond.

“I was going to ask you if your girlfriend has been stressed out lately, has anything happened lately that would make her start using drugs?” the doc asks attentively.

“No, there isn’t,” I quickly respond. The doc looks at me seriously for a moment; he raises his head slightly backwards while doing it.

“Well, it seems like you don’t really know your girlfriend that well, she admitted that she does use drugs sparingly,” the doc says with a sudden smart look on his face.

Darn, hope she didn’t tell the doc that I’ve also used the drug, gotta think of something.

“Well, who knew?” I say.

“She did tell me that you did…”

I should’ve known, she would have told the doc that I’m also diagnosed with the drug.

“It’s not what it seemed like, I hope she explained,” I interrupt.

“What? I was going to say that she said you didn’t know about it… What were you gonna say?” the doc asks.

“Ah, nothing.”

“Is there anything you’d like to say that I don’t know, Mr Benard?” the doc asks once again.

“Nah, nothing at all, I’d like to talk to her, if you don’t mind,” I say.

“You can go, but before that, you must know that I’ll have to send her to a local rehab centre for a week, it’s a policy in all the government hospitals in Stallian to send anyone to a week long rehab facility in the area. As school will reopen sooner she’ll be allowed to go back to school, but still, she’ll have to come for counselling every week,” the doc explains.

I was hoping he’d say that.

“I understand,” I respond.

“Yes, I’ll have to let her family know about this, but she told me that her father is on a business trip.”

“Yeah, she told me that too,” I respond, agreeing.

“Do you know the weirdest thing?” the doc asks with a sudden frowned look.

“No, I don’t,” I respond.

“There were some school pupils a while ago that came here who were all diagnosed with this drug coupled with other well known drugs like cocaine and more. And teachers. But the school is the most disciplined school in Old Stallian and there’s never been cases of drugs,” the doc says.

“Wow, how in the world did that happen?” I ask confused.

“My guess was that there might’ve been someone spiking other school pupils’ soft drinks or something like that, but I dismissed that theory because it’s impossible for one to spike all the soft drinks with drugs in the school without anyone noticing,” the doc explains.

“Yeah, it’s highly impossible, so how do you think that the school pupils got diagnosed with the drugs because they can’t be all addicted to drugs?” I ask.

“Yeah, even if someone was selling drugs, it would be highly improbable for the whole school to be addicted to drugs, including the teachers,” the doc says with a worried look on his face. “No, something is wrong here, something just doesn’t quite add up,” the doc adds.

He’s right though, how does one make the whole school including the teachers become drug addicts?

“It could maybe be a terrorist attack?” the doc adds again with a worried look.

“Don’t you think that’s a bit far-fetched, Doc?” I ask.

Obviously it’s got something to do with Mr Jacobs, but if so, how did he get the whole school drugged, including the teachers.

“Well, maybe there’s a gas spreading drugs or something,” the doc says. He looks at his watch “I’ve got to go and check out on other patients, I’ll be back later to check on your girlfriend.”

“Okay, thanks, Doc”.

The doctor then walks away. I need to think this through. I sit down and close my face with my hands. So the doc thinks that a gas drug could be the cause of this. Clearly this has Mr Jacobs face all over it, I think.