The day finally came when we had to go to university. But, unfortunately things did not go according to plan. Zinhle’s parents wouldn’t let her study drama and acting and in Johannesburg as they didn’t think acting was a proper career. So, she was set to study medicine in Cape Town. We’d been friends since third grade and had never been apart from each other since.

Sad as we were, we knew we had to part. And, I was still determined to make it BIG.

I arrived in the big city, feeling tiny and lonely. I knew no one, but kept myself going by saying “Lights, camera, action!” to myself. It kept me calm and reminded me what I was here for.

Months passed and I grew used to the new city. I made a few friends but I never forgot Zinhle. We tried to call each other each day to update each other on what was happening in our lives.