“Zama omuhle!” Someone called to me from behind. It was Tee – a guy from back home. We had grown up together, although he’d been a little older and had left for university three years before I’d finished matric.

He was looking mature and really handsome. I was glad to see him. He asked me to join him for drinks later and I was keen to go.

I’d never been to a club before but was willing to test her freedom. The night was going well and I was enjoying myself. We chatted and danced together, enjoying each other’s company. Just then, his cellphone rang and he went outside to answer it. He was out for a while and I was feeling lonely and a bit bored. I tried to put on a happy face and pretend to enjoy myself. Just then a smart elderly gentleman came across and joined me. He offered me a drink. He looked smart and rich… and claimed to ‘own’ Jozi.

We chatted and I told him about my studies and dreams. Just my luck – the man happened to be a movie director. He gave me his card and returned to his seat just as Tee returned. I was excited and told Tee all about it. But Tee wasn’t pleased at all. I thought he was just being a guy and was a bit jealous.