At about ten o’clock in the morning Dumisani arrived at Krugersdorp. Two cars were already waiting for him. There were three guys standing next to these cars and were carrying big guns. Dumisani parked his car next to where they were parked.

He came out of his car with a black bag that looked quite heavy. The way that he carried it told the men that there was a big load inside. He slowly walked towards them, half dragging the bag beside him.

The men in front of him were wearing black suits and black sun glasses, even though it was still dark out. Dumisani on the other hand was simply dressed in blue Straus Levi jeans and a hemisphere t-shirt with black shoes.

A man, also in a black suit, came out from one of the cars when Dumisani had reached the cars.

“Right on time. I love people like you; punctual people. I love doing business with people who keep time.” said the man as he walked up to Dumisani.

“Here is your money. Can I have my daughter now?” Dumisani tried to keep his voice from trembling and revealing his fear.

The man, who was clearly the boss, signalled one of his men to take the bag that Dumisani was carrying. He didn’t say a word when he gave the instruction, he just moved his head.

The man took the bag from Dumisani and gave it to his boss. He opened it and it was full of two hundred rand notes. He dug into the bag, took some out and smelled them.

“Mmhh, I love the smell of the money. It makes me feel good,” said the man with a voice like he owned the world.

“You’ve got what you wanted. Now can I have my daughter?” Dumisani said starting to lose patience.

“Not so fast. There is no daughter of yours here. I was just testing you, to see if I can trust you. I need R150 000 more and then you can have your daughter. You see I do business, I don’t play games. It’s up to you when you bring it but that is when you will see your daughter.” Said the man as he turned to walk away.

When he saw look of horror on Dumisani’s face, he put his hand on his left shoulder and assured him, “Don’t worry I’m also a father, so she is in good hands.”

The man laughed hard and loud as his back was turned to Dumisani.


Thembeka sat in her car biting her nails nervously. She had followed Dumisani without his knowledge. Her car was parked where they could not see it but she could see them. She saw the man taking the money from Dumisani and turning away laughing. There was no sign of Melokuhle or any head signals being made.

Thembeka’s heart started pounding at an incredible rate as she realised what had just happened. She wasn’t going to get her daughter back. Anger and frustration gave rise in the pits of her whirling stomach. She could feel her umbilici burning. Without thinking or formulating a plan, she got out of the car and walked straight to where Dumisani was.


Tell us what you think: Should Dumisani give more money to save his daughter? Will Thembeka make things worse by confronting the men?