Palesa looked at Melokuhle straight in the eyes and asked, “You still think about that boy?”

“I have never stopped loving him, Palesa. I have never wanted anything as bad as I want him.” Melokuhle said, feeling the butterflies fluttering about in her tummy.

“But you only saw this boy just once last year when he came to perform here with his group. Can you even remember what he looks like?” asked Palesa curiously.

“I’ll never forget his looks. Whenever I look at my dad I think of him, they look so much alike, I don’t know why. Palesa, I promise you I will not rest until I get that boy. I’m going to win Poetic Voices. I know he is going to enter the show and I know he will get far, he is good but I won’t let him beat me.”

“I know you are a genius my friend, but this is your last year in high school. Don’t you think you should focus more on your studies?”

“I got to have him, Palesa otherwise nothing I do will work. I can even kill for this boy. I’ve got to have him.”

***Else Where ***

“What are your plans if you win this show Sihle?” Skhumbuzo asked his friend.

“You mean when I win this show?” said Sihle sounding sure. “Nothing is going to change, Skhu. I’ll still be your friend. I mean I can’t leave Ayammah, she needs me more than ever now. It’s my baby that she is carrying. Everything I do, I do it for them,” said Sihle looking down as he trailed in thought.

“And what about moving to Joburg? You do know that winning this competition means moving, right?” said Skhumbuzo, worried about his friend.

“If I do move to Joburg I’ll move with her.”

“You know just wish I could at least get to the second round, so I can meet Dumisani Majola’s daughter.”

Ja, she’s hot hey?” said Sihle absentmindedly.

“I think she was blown by you because she could not take her eyes off you,” said Skhumbuzo, jabbing him in a playful manner.

Naa dude, I’m taken.”

“Good, coz I want that chick bro, so I have to do better than you. I will give it my best.” They laughed and talked about their poems.


Tell us what you think: Do you think Melokuhle will get Sihle, even if he’s taken? How will the move to Joburg affect his relationship if he does win?