One thing that was now missing in Melokuhle’s family was serenity and this was acute. Melokuhle watched her father being eaten by the division of his family, the same went for her mother and the same was happening to her.

All these three people were weak. It had just been a day but already it seemed like the tension in the house had been going on a month. What was puzzling was why did Dumisani keep it a secret all this time?

He should have at least told his wife when they were still boyfriend and girlfriend, maybe she would have understood then. While Melokuhle was thinking to herself, another thought crossed her mind.

Melokuhle didn’t hesitate; she went straight to her father right away. Maybe she didn’t give herself time to think it out. Maybe there was a possible danger that she didn’t give herself time to look at but she was positive about her thought, she had a different plan for the whole situation in the house.

***Else Where ***

“I was thinking about what you said yesterday and I decided to listen to you. I’m going to give my dad a chance. I’m willing to get to know him,” Ayammah could not believe her ears.

Sihle decided not to spurn his father, indeed those news were amazing to Ayammah.

“I am proud of you baby. You proved that you are no longer a boy, you are a man now, my man and you are going to make a great father.”

Acceding to this was not easy to Sihle. He had to think about it, he realised he had nothing to lose by forgiving his father. He was not infuriated anymore, all his anger was gone. He was just ready to open a new chapter of his life and he could hear bliss calling his name.

The first and the most difficult step was passed through, he was already a winner of Poetic Voices, it was no longer a dream.


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