Love to me was very mysterious. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t forget about a boy I just saw once. I once thought maybe he used muthi on me, but the condition that I saw him in told me he couldn’t afford muthi that would make me love him that much; surely it would be expensive.

It couldn’t have been muthi; it was nature. I went to Howard College in Durban; I didn’t want something too fancy, just something normal.

There I met Lunga. He was also bald, light in complexion and he was flawless. He had arms like he worked hard at the gym. He was good looking; a target for most girls at Howard. But to me he was not as handsome as that boy I was madly and unconditionally in love with.

He had potential of filling that boy’s space in my heart but I knew he couldn’t. He was not even an inch close to how that boy made me feel like, but I knew I could learn to love him. Like most boys, Lunga started nagging me about love and I rejected him. But he kept coming.

“Nondu, I’ve never felt anything like this in my life before for anyone. I love you with all my heart and I’m no giving up on you, not now not ever.”

“I hear you say you won’t give up, well I hope you enjoy disappointment, because there is no way you and I could be called lovers; not now not ever.”

Whenever Lunga said those words; that was what I would say to him.

Tell us what you think: Is it possible to love one person forever? Why? Why not?