Reuben, before he knew it, was introduced to the lady’s rich world of romance, full of ear-blocking experience. After all was said and done, Reuben felt he had found a home for himself. A home he thought was better than any other. He found love that was real and unreserved. He decided to stay with his lady, who he latter knew was Seati. ‘Love’, ‘Sweetie’, was their way of calling each other to show affection.

Love rocked to its peak, with Seati spoiling Reuben with expensive clothes.

“Don’t worry about buying clothes for either yourself or for me. I will take care of that,” she would assure him. She never told him much of her life story. All Seati wanted from Reuben was love. That power, that energy, that not-so-easy-to-satisfy desire of a young bull, was much more worthwhile than anything to Seati.

Despite all the satisfaction he fot from the lady Seati, Reuben didn’t forget one thing – the angel Lilly. He always made sure that he stole a moment to visit this young girl in Mkute. So young and naïve and she were Reuben always felt his heart pound whenever he thought of her. He couldn’t dare to leave her; she was his dream.

Each time he visited Lilly, he was to flatter her with some persuasive sweet nothing, hoping she could one day unlock herself and let him into her sexual circle. Lilly was hard to convince; not some cheaply cheated girl. It was like trying to fill a closed bottle with water whenever Reuben talked about total intimacy to Lilly.

Little by little, like he was trying to tame a lion, Reuben persistently made cool progressive advances. From bear hugs to light kisses, from light kisses to deep kisses and romance.

“OK, OK Reubie,” Lilly said when Reuben was trying to take chances. “We don’t to mess things up, OK,” she added.

“I know my angel. I don’t want to disappoint you either,” agreed Reuben, if ever, whole heartedly.

The more a couple gets intimate; the more the chances of messing things up. It at last happened.

One day, after deep and nerve breaking romance, Lilly gave in. With both parteners seeing to have lost themselves, Reuben slowly sand within her as she lay helpless on her little bed. And it was done.

It was a golden achievement for Rueben, who probably used some experience gained from Seati. It was a dark phase through Lilly’s life, though it was some thrillingly sensational moment for both of them. Lilly’s life would never be the same again. She felt stupid. No more could she say, “No” to Reuben’s demands. He would threaten to leave her should she resist his sexual demands.

For a couple of months, Reuben was hitting on both sides with pride. He didn’t know at all what he was up to. He sometimes took Lilly for some shopping sprees and would spoil her with nice, expensive clothing, food and groceries. It was soon known to her parents that Lilly had a boyfriend who intended to marry her. Her parents were fine with that for they actually wanted her to have her own life.

“Hello, sweetie. I was actually expecting your call at this time of the day. What’s up, my angel?” Reuben answered a phone call from Lilly.

“We need to talk,” said Lilly with a voice that expressed some worry, mingled with uncertainty. Reuben was a bit shocked to hear Lilly’s voice like that.

“What about, darling? Feel free to me,”

“Not over the phone, please. I think we must meet. The sooner, the better.” She suggested.

“I will see you tomorrow then,” said Reuben.

There was a moment of dead silence before Lilly said, “Better be tomorrow,” and ended the call.

Falling of the night didn’t mean any sleep to Reuben. He was now under pressure. He was questioning himself, what? When? Where? How? Concerning the situation he was in. But every question would have a possible answer and ever problem a possible solution.

The following morning Reuben was up much earlier than usual, which made his sweetie, Mama, Seati, ask, “Why are you up so early today, my love?”

Reuben was not prepared for this question, so he paused for a while and later said, untruthfully, “Oh, I… it’s nothing. Just the manager wants to see everybody before he goes away this morning.”

Soon Reuben was at Mkute town and there he was, sitting on the couch with Lilly in his arms. Wasting no time, Lilly went straight away to break the news to Reuben, who looked much worried.

“Look, Reuben, I think I’m pregnant,”

“Sorry?” asked Reuben, a bit surprised.

I said I’m preg… ouch…oahh…”

“What is it? What’s wrong my love? Are you sick or something?” Reuben asked with deep concern, as Lilly was vomiting on to her towel.

“It’s fine, I’ll be OK. Don’t worry,” Lilly said as she put away her messed towel. “I don’t know Reuben, I think I’m pregnant. You got what you wanted.” She continued, “They say ‘nothing done by man goes unrewarded’. This is what you wanted, Reuben.”

“I am sorry, my love. I know I messed up, but I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Reuben said as he gently rubbed Lilly’s lower back. “Anyway it’s done and we have to face it. What I promise you is that everything will be alright,” Reuben said, trying to comfort the troubled Lilly.

“I am going to tell my family straight away and everything will be taken care of. Soon all necessary arrangements will be done. In no time, we will be sharing everything under one roof, and that will be forever,” he added lightly, as if there wasn’t any problem ahead of him.

It was a good and fair decision for Reuben to take Lilly for a wife because he truly was the only man Lilly had ever known in her life. Reuben told his family members about Lilly and his responsibility for the pregnancy. None of his relatives knew exactly what was going on. Reuben’s secrets were only between him and his life, and never divulged to anyone.

But how on earth could he handle this mess? How the hell could he get out of Seati’s love? This was a million dollar question. Could he let the cat out of the bag and leave it for her to decide? Could he just call it ends and quits for no reason? After all done to him by the old and experienced fiancé?


Tell us what you think: What do you think Reuben will do?