“No, no. it’s quite fine. It’s not that. William and I are fine, we’re in good terms. It’s just that I’m not in the business of wasting my time, energy not to mention resources. It’s business suicide. So I can’t do this for you.” Now Lindy sat like a business tycoon feeding on a small fish. Sasha knew that pose; she’d seen it enough times from her father. Lindy had that look in her eye, like she knew everything. She was in total control.

“I don’t follow,” Sasha was really confused. She hated how the tables had turned.

“Well it’s simple really. I don’t make dresses for imaginary weddings and I don’t send out my team to cover events that won’t take place.” She was too cool.

“Imaginary weddings? Now, Lindy I know you must be heartbroken about this but William and I are getting married and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

She was so sure she had all her cards right. Mummy said this was full proof. Daddy always said you must cripple your opponent’s self-esteem in order to win a battle.

“You thought you could just bully me in to giving up the one man I love. You thought that your name could just do whatever you wished, as long as you got what you wanted. This is my country, my territory and William is my man.” Every word was said with a venomous spit.

“Ha ha ha… Don’t be stupid. You know my dad can do anything he wants and I get anything or anyone I want.” Sasha was leaning over the table with both her hands on it staring into Lindy’s fiery eyes.

“Little Sasha; hiding behind daddy’s name and power. What could he possibly do to me? Everything I have I started from nothing. I can simply do it again. I have the money and so does William. Your father has no power over us. So just go back home and live your perfect little life and live me and my man alone.”

“William is mine! He would never let his father disown him.” She was feeling like tearing the smug look of Lindy’s face with her claws.

“William has his mother’s blessing. And as far as his dad is concerned, he’ll come around. He’s a grown man and he can do whatever he wants.”

“Well, we are getting married. So you just have to deal with it.” Sasha said as she turned to walk away. She’ll just manipulate William; he was easier than this bitch.

“I don’t think the law will allow that, Sasha. I know you have quite an influential hand being a Sinclair and all, but not even your father’s power overrules the law.”

“What law? What the fuck are you on about?” She felt like the air conditioning had just been turned off. Daddy said you must never show them that they have the upper hand. Fuck control, this was war.

“Marital law, it doesn’t allow polygamy,” Lindy simply stated. This was too damn good. Seeing Sasha Sinclair squirming like a claustrophobic fish in a small bowl was priceless. Lindy was having too much fun.

“What are you trying to tell me Lindy? Just come out with it and stop these crazy games.” She was on her feet now even though her head was starting to spin. Lindy couldn’t possibly be saying what she thought she was saying. Composure had fled out the window and Sasha hated herself.

“It’s simple iss Sinclair. I cannot let you marry my husband.” With that she flashed the ring on her left ring finger in Sasha’s face. Then she took something out of her desk drawer and pushed it across the table for her view. Sasha leaned over and saw it was a framed marriage certificate. Sasha looked at it in shock; it was dated Tuesday the 18th of November that was three days ago. Sasha tried to asses this in her head, it made no sense.

“You see now Sasha, even if I wanted to loan him to you I couldn’t, I’m sorry. It’s all fair in love and war darling.” Sasha fainted.

The End


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