I sat up straight, still shocked and shaken by this terrible nightmare. I trembled as the fear overtook me – the fear of the unknown. Honestly, I didn’t know what would happen to me or what would become of me. I said a silent prayer and felt myself drifting off to sleep again.

I woke up as the nurse pushed the tray with food close to me. It was already morning.

“You have to eat,” she said as if I didn’t know that already. But I had no appetite.

“I’m not hungry,” I said faintly as I pushed the food away.

“If you don’t eat we’ll have to keep you here longer. You wouldn’t like that now would you?” she said almost hissing.

I pulled the tray towards me with less of a choice and dug in without a word. I finished eating and she gave me my medication. I drank it and I rested my head on the pillow as she walked out.

Lisa’s mom walked in with Lisa. I smiled. I was happy to see them, happy that they hadn’t deserted me like daddy and I needed to be with people who actually cared about me or else I would go crazy with this feeling of emptiness deep down my heart.

“My friend how are you doing today?” Lisa asked as she embraced me.

“I am much better, thanks,” I said smiling.

That was far from the truth. I wasn’t even an inch close to being “much better”. My heart was torn apart, my mind was loaded with unanswered questions and my body was tired from carrying all the pain.

I was discharged and Lisa’s mom had bought me a lot of clothes since I had none other than the ones I came in with. I went to take a quick bath and I wore a red dress with black pumps.

We went to the car and drove off to Lisa’s home; my soon to be home.

“Welcome to your new home,” Lisa’s mom said as we got inside their big house.

“Thank you Ma,” I said shyly.

Lisa pulled my arm and led me to the living room where her father was sitting on a chair reading a newspaper.

“Dad, Lilly has arrived! You remember her?” Lisa said excitedly as her dad looked up at us.

“Yes of course, you’re welcome my dear.”

“Thank you, sir.” I nodded and smiled.

Lisa showed me my room. We had dinner and watched T.V. Lisa and I went to bed late, we were busy catching up and chatting up a storm.

As I was drifting off to sleep, I heard the door open.


Tell us: Do you think Lilly will be happy at Lindy’s house?