“Your sister keeps reminding me that I’m leaving in a couple of days and I hate it! I don’t want to leave Linds!” Katie complained to Lindsay.

Lisa was indeed, constantly reminding her that she’d be going back home soon. Lisa had been noticing the girl’s strange behaviour.

“Don’t mind her. I’ll tell her to stop, she’s just being a hag,” said Lindsay as they burst out in laughter.

“I wonder who is a hag. You girls are mean!” Lisa said as she walked in the flat from work. Lindsay was fortunate that Lisa hadn’t heard that they were calling her a hag.

When Lisa went upstairs to her room and the girls left the house without telling her. They did that a lot these days.

“I hope Nelie is home, she’s been distant lately,” said Lindsay. And she was correct.

Annelie was acting weird towards the girls lately. She had a short temper and would get angry at them or would just avoid them altogether. No one knew what was up with her.
When Lindsay and Katie arrived at Annelie’s house, she was already waiting for them at the door. She had seen them coming.

“’Hey girls… what a surprise! What brings you here? asked the annoyed Annelie with a fake smile on her face.

“Hey Nelie, we haven’t seen you in three days!’” said Lindsay.

“It’s good to know that you guys missed me. I thought you’d forgotten about me!” said Annelie, faking a pout.

“We’d never do that Nelie! Of course we missed you,” said Lindsay giving her friend a luke-warm hug. “In fact,” she said breaking the hug, “we wanted you to come to the mall with us.”

“Oh really?” asked Annelie with her hands folded on her chest.

“Yeah girl, so… are you coming?” Katie jumped in. She also had a fake smile on her face.

“Sure, what the hell… it’ll be nice to get out of the house I guess! Uhm… Lemme freshen up and get my purse. You can come in.”

Annelie seemed completely normal but it was a different story inside her heart. The girls got into the house and sat in the lounge while Annelie went upstairs to her bedroom.

These sluts think they can outsmart me! Well they’ve got another thing coming. I’ll keep playing them just as they are playing me, thought Annelie to herself. She got dressed and got her purse then she went downstairs.

“Wow! You look stunning girl,” marvelled Katie. “You’re making us look under dressed!” Katie was looking at Annie’s black stylish jeans, her blue platform shoes and her turquoise linen shirt and a blue jean jacket with studs on the collar.

Annelie pretended to blush and then told them to go. Brian fetched them at the gate and dropped them off at the mall. Brian and Lindsay were still together while they were with other people, completely breaking the rules. But no one in the group said anything, Lindsay was now the main girl and the group liked her and Katie.

The girls shopped and shopped and had lunch at Spur. And then they left for home.

It was the first time since Katie had arrived that Annelie got to hang out with Lindsay outside their party nights. Lindsay had been scarce ever since Katie came to visit. And today Annelie had Lindsay all to herself; well, almost. They headed home and Lindsay thought that her friend, Nelie, was back. But Katie wasn’t convinced.


Let’s chat: Why do you think Annelie is acting weird around the girls?