Aaro arrived home to find his three nerdy sons and two daughters doing their homework. He got excited to see his roaches attacking him from the door yelling “Dad is home!”

“Oh, you missed your dad, ha?” Then tickled them in the air one by one like Mr Beast did from his memories.

“It’s been a long time since we last saw you,” leaning against the door frame, his wife was not impressed.

Aaro warmly confronted his kids, “We will chat later, okay?” they all agreed and scuttled off.

“Zolen, it’s been hectic at work. The new start for all the animals is not going easily,” he approached her complacently. “I’m still working with many great stakeholders to come up with a better solution for everyone. I’m afraid we will never achieve a united world.” Putting one of his arms over her shoulder, he was trying to make peace. The phone rang as she gave up and released his last arm. Aaro took a last glance at her and went on to complete the phone call outside in the garden.


Burning shiny candles, Tom and his family shared a wonderful dinner from a small hat.

“I hear you are now the captain of the Junior Phase,” said Mr Mifflin, glad for his son’s achievements.

“They selected me so I can stay loyal to them! Yesterday we lost five great men because of one self-regarding man.” Tom said, chopping his piece of meat near the pot.

“We need to protect the last of the human species. We need to protect the world which is still worthy of life,” said Mr Mifflin, concerned for his son.

“No! We need to confront the man living a life up there!” said Tom, devouring a fleshy bone. “Why should he be the one making up all the rules on our behalf?” Tom was disturbed by a vibrating phone underneath the table.

“What is that?” Mr Mifflin asked, scanning Cindy.

“Ah, that’s nothing!” Tom said.

“Tom has a cell phone!” the young Cindy volunteered.

“Not again, Tom! You know cell phones are not allowed!” Mrs Mifflin said with a saddened look at her son.

“And who said that, mom?” asked Tom, cleaning himself up. “I’m not afraid of him!” Tom took off from the table, wrathful, while his father looked on helplessly.


The Pain Gang parked their motors outside a local bar called Bulls, with two huge horns protruding from the top logo. Local bulls looked on, since it’s a bull zone area.

“We’re up by 80 000 and short by 20 000,” Daisy inspected her documents, “the outstanding of the suspects is 10 000.” The gang rolled their heads, amused, while the bulls stood suspiciously drinking from green cans in the parking lot.

“Here’s a profile of ‘Petro the Miura, twenty-seven foot tall’. He’s the all-time favourite bullfight murderer. It’s said lately he got fat, and lost all the bets!” she commented, closing her paperwork. Master Pain stepped up and hit him on the head.

“Don’t break the horns!” Daisy shrieked from behind, stationed near the bikes. Master Pain kicked the huge door open and entered into everyone’s sight. They laughed, saying “There’s a rat in the house!”

He changed course and went into the bull ring where Petro was breathing hard on the run. Master Pain waited patiently from the entrance as the instructor paved his way with the red flag.

Hola, amigo!” Stepping to the towel at ringside and drying himself: “We can proceed into the ring if you’re not in a hurry, Mr Pain!”

“So we’re going to do this the hard way, I guess?” Master Pain pulled off his heavy guns and blasted away at Petro.

Petro took the hidden gun from under the towel and shot back as he set off for shelter. He entered his office avoiding flying shells, quickly taking his money from the safe as Master Pain slid into the room and crippled Petro’s shoulder. Petro thrust afloat the piled up papers which had Master Pain hopping from one foot to the other, battling to get a direct shot. Petro took the unsealed cash briefcase and jumped out of the window, falling hard outside with the broken glass and leaped away, limping badly.

Dragging black plastic and dropping bull currency while his gun winged sideways, Master Pain walked across the bar where rested a few wounded bulls. “Like in the old days, boss!” James was eager to welcome the tough guy.

“Just like in the old days, James,” said Mr Pain, dropping off the cash pouch. They took off with the bag tied on Daisy’s bike.

“I got the next one, boss,” Sticks said.

“Yep! He’s all yours, Sticks,” the tough voice said as the Pain Gang sped off across the heavy cars at Bulldozer Street.


Dardens reached the Earth’s atmosphere, guarded by Numen spirits floating with tridents. Darden heroes vanished from the spirit world and changed into life forms to void the fight of the superior world. Numens transposed themselves into rumbustious clouds cracking lightning bolts. The Dardens landed on foot, their bodies pulsating earthward due to gravity.

Shortly, their arrival was to be welcomed by masses and masses. The ground trembled vigorously. Dardens transformed with their hand made weapons sealed on their backs, but they launched out the heavy guns for this one.

Dandy, the big guy, reloaded his customised nuclear handgun, Niane reloaded his auto weapon rolling sundry bullets across his chest with his dark cloth wrapped around his head like a bush soldier, and Lorden took out two pump guns.

A few kilometres away, herds of microorganisms surfaced into sight, the bacteria shaped like dragon spiders and presenting sharp jaws, they stormed the region, viciously crawling near the Dardens.

“We make this quick!” Dandy slung the nuclear gun over his shoulder. “We ain’t got all day!”

Niane ran to meet the monsters halfway, followed by Lorden, dragging the pump machines in the air; Dandy sized up for a long distance shot.

With every shot, Niane positioned his auto gun towards the army. Dandy kept his reference eyeing his target at rest, and seconds later he took out half the monsters in a nuclear blast. Lorden and Niane got into the space where wounded creatures lay, demolishing every suffocating head in the drifty smoke. The Dardens paraded, carelessly slaughtering the remaining creatures from all angles, shooting all targets who tried to ambush them from the mist.

Squealing their last cry, Dardens vaulted over them, dispatching hued bolts in their path till they reached the other side of their territory, proving they could outlast Grounders without inflicting their experienced powers. Dandy came out from the smoke and joined the two panting warriors.

The monsters battled to claim the victory, finally admitting their defeat. Dardens felt the ground trembling again then languidly turned their heads northwards. “We’ve entered a new territory!” Lorden said, triggering his two pump guns for the second war in succession. The sand hurtled over, sallying forth cloudy dust beneath their walk into the shrub forestry.