Gibeon and his team of six, which included Jackals, Scoot, Matt and Gary the eagle were hunting down humans in the Greenland. Gabriel smelled fine roses while everybody was stamping over everything tracking the human scents.

“We found something!” Matt shouted, looking up the hill, the team huddled near human hoof prints, “there were four grown men!”

Gibeon was leaning over tiredly. “It’s a number we can easily keep up with, capture and make them talk!” he said, looking at his surroundings apprehensively for the grizzly’s approach.

They began the course but Gabriel seemed disapproving of it, which got Gibeon’s attention. Yawning, she said, “Guys, I feel like resting near the lake we’ve just passed!”

Lindsey was enjoying her fantasies. “Just what a lizard needs, a good rest in the blazing sun!”

Anticipating the leopard’s response, Gibeon said, “Linda will part ways with you to keep Gabriel safe.” Gabriel took a ride on top of the leopard as the group split, detecting the distance between them and the humans.

The lizard reclined its body on the lake’s rocks. Gabriel sat on the turf reading a mobile text.

Where are you. It was Tom.

I’m at the lake with a huge leopard! she replied smirking, while Linda rolled over near the lake.

Meet me at the river cliff!

Gabriel, faintly off guard, took off from the lake and gladly ran away laughing. She ran for just under a mile before coming to a wide forest. Linda halted from her isolated play to scan the air but could not detect her. “Gabriel!” Shortly Lindsey witnessed the leopard springing out in pursuit.

Gabriel flashed back to read that her escape had caught remarks, then put a quick foot upon the forest. The leopard dashed into the forest in a short pace and could be seen by Gabriel who was worn out, squalling and already bruised by falls. “Gabriel, don’t do it!” she screamed, putting up a run.

Gabriel finally came to the end of the cliff that lead into a river stream downhill. She ran all out and took a long jump from the forest as Linda spiked out her claws sliding sideways. Tom came dashing from the side and caught Gabriel from the air and flew away with her towards the sunset while the leopard looked on.

Lindsey caught up with Gibeon and the rest of the crew “Th… They…They’re gone!” she stammered, catching her breath. Gibeon waited patiently for her full story, assuring her of his composure. “The humans must have taken Gabriel and Linda tried to stop them!” she said, terrified.

“Now we have more reasons to find those humans!” Gibeon went growling towards the far side of the cliff.

By evening, Tom arrived with Gabriel at Porto. After landing he tried to hide Gabriel with a black cloth but she took his move for a joke. When they got home, Tom silenced Gabriel to wait outside while he checked in. Gabriel hesitated near the Mifflin’s door with eyes peeled, and shortly Tom invited her in.

In the morning the crossway outside was full and the Mifflin’s were long awake, devouring their breakfast. Tom came out of his room, gasping in excitement.

Mrs Mifflin smirked at his arrival to the table full of bread. “Today you’re up late. What happened yesterday afternoon?” Mr Mifflin sat silently and suspiciously.

“Okay everybody, I have a surprise for you all!” Tom was delighted. Cindy clapped her hands with a mouthful of breakfast.

“Yeah!!!” she squealed.

Adjusting her chair, Mrs Mifflin said, “Oh well, let’s see it.”

Tom protested. “But I’m not sure you are all going to like it,” pointing ahead with both hands steadily. His father was still not convinced from his chair.

Gabriel slowly brought herself forward and light came with her beauty enough to disable their breath. “Everyone, this is Gabriel!” Tom endowed her with a smile, but she was not sure if she was being welcomed.

“Who cut off her wings?” Mrs Mifflin asked and they all laughed, except Mr Mifflin.

“No mom, she has none,” Tom said.

“Tom, can we talk outside?” Mr Mifflin eased off the chair and walked past Gabriel. Tom ensured her comfort before joining his father outside.

“It’s going to be fine, don’t worry, I’ll be back.”

Mrs Mifflin was excited to have met her. “Come and join us, Gabriel, just sit there!” she said, pointing to the chair next to Cindy.

“Hi, I’m Cindy,” she said, peering over her shoulder, amused.

“It’s nice to meet you all.”

Agitated by meeting the last human, Cindy asked “So you’re my new sister?”

“And where are your manners, little one?” Mrs Mifflin raised her eyebrows and they all burst out laughing.

Outside, Mr Mifflin was not gracious with Tom as he came nearer. “Is that who I think it is?”

Tom puffed up. “The daughter of the great scientist? Indeed, it is!”

Mr Mifflin looked at him with distressed eyes. “If Ken finds out she’s within his kingdom, he will use her as the centre of this war against her father! And if you really love her, you may rethink your actions, son, while they’re all still in that head of yours,” he said.

Tom was not in awe. “I really love her dad! And I have restrained my actions a number of times. We need to hide her identity for as long as possible if this is going to work.” His father looked away dismayed, while his son hoped they would understand each other.

At daylight, Tom took Gabriel out for a flight while she held on from the back. They winged above Snow Mountains and braced their feet on the timber bridge across the sunny river; they sat there for some time and sunk their knees beneath the stream.

“So how is your new life up here?” Gabriel looked up at him.

Tom wondered himself, looking up at the clouds. “All that we had growing up is now gone, out here it’s every man for himself. It’s the survival of the fittest! Just like in the animal kingdom, you go hunting in packs, there is a rank and the alpha male makes all the decisions on behalf of everyone!” he said, looking outraged.

With caution, Gabriel looked at Tom. “So who is this alpha male you all submit to?”

Tom turned towards Gabriel. “They all call him Ken the king, but he’s not my king!” he said spitefully.

“Then he’s not my king either!” she said as they both gave a derisive smile about the king, then pursued a kiss while a sparkling sunny star floated below.

Shortly Tom launched himself from the wooden bridge. “Where are you going?” Gabriel asked waving her hair playfully.

“Come on! I’m going to teach you how to outlive these mountains!” Tom welcomed her with a sword. “This thing is heavy,” he said, “but out here we are not allowed to carry guns.” Welcoming her hands close by, he said, “You will need something else to defend yourself with, if you’re planning to stay alive!”

“Of course I’m planning on staying alive!” Gabriel said doubtfully.

“Good. Then…” Tom went backwards. “Draw your sword and let’s begin!”

Early winds of the storm blew in their faces, when Tom and Gabriel set foot near a bison bull migration, carrying the herds away from men. Gabriel crawled near the Black Eagle’s nest, hoping Tom would find a green pasture. She slowly took out her sword and lost balance trying to control the blade’s weight; soon she waved it across the long grass. Tom studied her body’s composure from all angles, keeping his footing far, and unguarded. Gabriel launched an attack which caught Tom off guard, flipping his heavy wings above ground. Gabriel placed him on point with an evil stare and merry laughter.

An eagle burst across the dark clouds as Gabriel ran away with her shield imbedded with three heavy eggs like a hot plate. Prolonging her long sword and dragging it sideways, she paced behind the old bulls in the heavy rain chasing a dozen by foot. She fought savagely, fronting Tom’s field, the last spent bull turned his head, drooling in isolation, as Gabriel barged up to its horns.

Later on, both Tom and Gabriel flourished beyond the battle ground as she tired and ran laughing into the woods. Gabriel lost the shield, rolling it over the ground, and ran up the hills to jump over into the sea, but the huge eagle kept its chase for revenge. Gabriel launched her sword towards the end of the yard, furled to fight the brute in the breezy current descending from the heavens and fending off the mad bird before they both splashed from the crash.

She wrestled a feisty, repulsive bull to its final fall. She honed a blade in the neck and that was the meanest lightning strike ever heard by a lamented ox.

Tom slowly walked along the shady path, examining the empty forest. Thunder pealed from the sky, and Tom strayed deep into the shady woods with his sword held close. Outraged birds cried as a branch fell off, casting feathers near and far. Gabriel ambushed the bird from the sky and struck her sword into the ground.

“I once held the Sword of Life which belongs to your great enemy, but I haven’t shot birds yet.” In triumph, she seized her sword with a single arm and pushed Tom against the tree with the lethal blade near.

Tom smiled at her sweetly. “I needed to know you would be safe out here!” he said.

Gabriel withdrew her weapon as they kissed and got ready for flight. Tom gave Gabriel a hand, carrying her behind, and ran out from the woods to launch himself in the open planes.