“I guess we both know she wouldn’t be happy with his execution” Tom said.

“I was just waiting for you…Tom!” Godevo said.

“You know who I am, and why I’m here. Let’s get this over with, then!” Tom said.

Godevo made his ape laughter before admitting his intentions. “So be it!” he said

Both men exchanged power balls to warm up. Godevo sent his electrical thunder ball moving towards Tom. Tom charged up a fire ball which moved the thunder ball backwards. Godevo charged his ice ball towards Tom. Both men made a quick visit to the spirit world to find a stable environment for their acquired powers. The spirit world has no bounds; only powerful spirits can break walls, weak ones dwell in the valley of death, chained by their masters, living for mere favours. Numens, the guardians of Earth, were ready to bring these men to justice for violating the laws of the spirit world as living beings. In the spirit world, Earth held its shape and form, while the human invention was still visible because both men had powers which could see beyond naked eyes. The great secret of the soul that Dardens speak of is immortality and that is no power, but an error of existence which can multiply.

Godevo took out the Sword of Life and fought Numens. Tom also took out his sword, but killed Numens. The battle between them and the Numens led them astray, but Godevo was able to break the strength of the tridents with his powerful blade. Tom chopped the heads off the guardians with his experienced arm with a single death swing; he cleared out hundreds of them within a short amount of time and turned his attention to the fatigued Godevo who hadn’t yet killed one.

The great ape was still learning how to fight in the spirit world and was unable to keep his balance accurate. Tom sped on and kicked the ape’s neck with a force that rammed him against the rocks. Godevo raised his mad face from the water, staring back with tight fists. The great ape flew up head on trying to hit Tom with his rhino horn. Tom grabbed hold of his edged horn and rolled over before flinging him back to the ground with great force. At this stage, Tom was enjoying himself.

The ocean filled the hole after the great ape had crashed; Godevo, under the water, took his time to come back up with a grand strategy to defeat Tom.

Godevo shouted: “I summon the spirit of Ania, the Lady of the ocean!” he said staring back at the Sword of Life’s illumination.

A mermaid swam towards Godevo and whirled around him before posing her tail near the great ape.

Godevo: “Ania, I need you. She needs you!” he said, staring back at the mermaid.

Ania: “Gabriel?” she asked studying the Sword of Life like a new shining toy.

Godevo said “I made it for your daughter… Gabriel, we need you!”

Ania approved of her call and reeled up to battle the waiting Tom on the water’s surface. Tom could see the bright light coming closer and got ready. Ania blinded Tom momentarily and wounded his chest with her sharp fins. Tom swatted his open wound which would not heal, then looked at the bright light, unable to see the main aggressor. She swept another blade while Tom blocked all attacks during the course of the fight, unable to detect the attacks in the speed of light.

Godevo smiled and ran back to the ground as Tom was too pre-occupied. The great ape came at super speed against the building walls chased by Numens, Godevo withstood every bolt; stone; wind and fire thrown at him as Numens sent tridents devoted to stopping him first.

Godevo flew up to the universe as the Numens trailed behind. Godevo grabbed hold of the Sword of Life and headed straight towards the sun. The Numens could not keep up with the speed of the great ape. Godevo sliced through the burning star and made an explosion.

The human birds that were making their way to their homes stopped their flight in mid-air, interrupted by a blurry sky. Godevo sang his ape laughter as the sun broke into pieces and lost gravity. Godevo took a huge breath and blew the burning rocks against the planet Earth.

Ania paused from keeping Tom at bay, looking at the broken sky. Tom was hurt, looking at the visible mermaid at standoff and gave up, flying backwards to land on top of the broken building, bruised.

Ania got back to the sea and swam away as Tom looked at his blood spilled by the mysterious creature.

After running away from the lost war against the humans, animals made their way around the city as they perceived the fire stones dropping down across the dark sky.

“Oh my word!” said Kate, standing at the king’s castle.

At Porto, everyone started panicking. The temperatures rose above 70 degrees and rose fast. Kate and Ember helped everyone make their way to a safe house underground where the remaining Cobos are stored. Ember said “Everyone come quickly! We don’t have much time!” holding the doorway as the fire stones crossed the ozone layer now burning beyond reasonable measures.

Humans who’d just returned from war chose their caves as the fire stones touched the ground. Trees caught fire and other animals died from suffocation trying to make a run for it. Porto got hit as its walls fell. The city building got struck down while animals ran out on fire before dropping dead.

Tom channelled his last energy from all seven seas, creating hydrogen twisters which swept the fire stone away until there were no more. Soon the cold dark storm filled the sky with the return of the great ape. His sight glowed brighter with no more sun. Numens were devastated by the event. They tried to finish him once and for all but the great ape exceeded the radiation of the sun, burning all the Numens and their tridents in his sight.

Tom said: “I feel weak!” He could feel the hit after giving away the chance to destroy Godevo in time.

The flooding was no more as everything caught fire, including Tom, who was unable to fight back. Godevo slowly walked towards Tom who lost his footing and began to fall.

Godevo sneered: “The Darden injection is no longer effective! Ten minutes from now you will die!” he said.

The demon spirits broke out from the hounds of hell. They ran away in numbers unable to feel the fire which bred them. Evil spirits sprung out from buildings to feed on the Numens as the spirit world was no longer on guard. From far, Godevo saw an army of demons walking side-ways like zombies lead by an evil creature called Beast…the devil himself. He walked like a man and had a sheep’s head with two horns. Godevo reduced his radiation power in front of Tom, who was lying flat on the ground after being beaten by the great ape’s power.

Godevo: “Why don’t I feed your soul to the Demons and let them curse you? That way you’d live all your life fighting against your will instead of killing me with your vengeance!” he feared Tom would raise from the dead with the same powers he had. The great ape returned his Sword of Life, seeing the Beast was making his way towards them, and vanished from the spirit world. Tom was dazed and could not maintain his consciousness and the demons soon closed in on him after Godevo left the spot.

In the burning world, Tom could only see pre-students; the children were having fun in the playground where his mother, Mrs Mifflin, stood as their teacher.

“Mom!” called Tom, rolling over at the blurry image.

The demon spirits hooped with excitement around Tom, and the Beast finally set his foot in front of Tom.

Trying to reach out to the Beast’s foot near him, Tom only saw his mother smiling back at him among the playful children in the blissful evening.

In the dirt, Gabriel dug herself out from the fallen building then came out shivering to witness that there was no more sun in the dark dusty planet. A powerful lightning bolt struck the ground not far from the dusty road, and her father, the great ape, emerged before her.

“Dad, is that really you?” she asked.

Godevo said: “Gabriel. Don’t fear me, my child!” with his sword resting against the ground. “I hope you’ll forgive me for all the wrong I have caused you. Someday I will see it right! I will leave this gift with you, and you shall heal the harm I have chosen to cause in this world” he said before he vanished.

Gabriel was irresolute about what had happened, staring at the weapon lying on the ground. She looked behind her and saw no one but a whispering ghost. She ran to pick up the sword. She battled with all her strength and managed to hold the sword and stay on her feet. “It’s still hot!” she said. Examining every edge of its blade, she was glad to have it.

Linda the leopard came to her unharmed. “I’d be honoured to be your first prayer” she said.

Gabriel: “I was just checking if this things works” and threw her leg over Linda for a ride. “I’m still going to say a thousand prayers!” she said.

Gabriel found her way back, riding her leopard friend, and they were startled by the trembling ground from which a spaceship broke out. Gibeon and his team were ready to take off, examining the right buttons from the last laboratory of the great ape which is a space traveller in its own right. The Titanic emerged from the surface as the agile leopard sprinted from the cracking ground and found her footing on the dry land. Gabriel and Linda looked on from the dead world as the singing ghost took its height and was forgotten in the universe.

The End