God created heaven and earth and said “Let there be light!”

(EVOLUTION) 13.8 billion years ago the universe was born, from singularity it had expanded to form subatomic particles. Simple neutrons, electrons and protons would merge the galaxy with stars. Physical laws of nature could be traced back to determine that evolution created everything as we know it. During a supernova, the nucleosynthesis occurred to fuse the primary elements that would cause the first mass endothermic reaction. In a sense, every sequence was forged by change that was affected by another change. Now everything has to change because everything is changing, and that is the definition of evolution…the changing process.

God said “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kind!”

(EVOLUTION) Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes were the first lives born on non-living matter 3.8 billion years ago, 750 million years after Earth was formed. This organic molecule strove under strict conditions thought to have existed in the primitive earth. From Virus to Bacteria the microbe evolution presented the first soft body fish which evolved 600 million years ago, classified in the Ediacaran animal kingdom.

And God said: “Fill the Earth and rule over fish in the sea and the birds in the sky!”

(EVOLUTION) Cambrian, the earliest vertebrates evolved from Ediacaran fish and ventured on foot to meet the land 400 million year later. Natural selection tested genes of every species, animals faced harsh challenges in the new environment which included gas exchanges, water conservation and reproduction, and those who could not survive, died out. Some species were more adaptive in the new environment and experienced good gene mutation that developed sustainable traits. They lived to interbreed successfully, which allowed them to pass on their DNA coding to the next generation. 100 million years ago, Juramaia sinensis mice evolved into apes, apes evolved into mankind, and now mankind has evolved into birds…Homo-Nalianas, who were classified by the late John Ferguson.

Dardens made a prophesy that one day man would see evolution take the place of God as his kingdom has been prayed for, and for some decades, he would go by the name GOD`EVO.

“Something very big is coming, and it’s heading this way!” Phoenix said. She turned towards Alex standing behind her “It’s time to leave Alex. Take my pride with you.”

Alex took a hard breath and her eyes were wet. “You’re not coming back!”

Phoenix walked towards her and gave her the best hug. “He will never let us go if we all turn our backs!” and then she went back to her initial standing point. “Now go on, and never look back!” She held her head low.

Alex looked at the amazons standing on every tall building then took flight as they joined her. Phoenix turned in their direction once more with her bruised ego.

“So the legend is true, he’s now among the Gods!” Igor took out his jaw necklet and handed it over to Dre the giant. “Dre, you take my men back to their lands; we won our pride in this battle!” he said, standing next to his confused warrior.

“You know I love you brother!” Blade said.

The two Cobos stood side by side. Stubborn as Phoenix was, she stood as a front guard.

“Ha ha ha! Don’t make me laugh in these crucial moments, but you’ve always been there for me!” Ken said, moving his wet feet edge to edge.

“Good! Because I’m not leaving you now. We are in this together!” Blade said.

The Cobos witnessed humans leaving Joy City to their kings, all the flocks took wing until only Ken and his men remained inside machines facing towards the dark storm. Herald and Kevin Mayhew joined the standoff two blocks away from Phoenix.

“How bad do you think it is?” Kevin Mayhew asked as the dark clouds got closer.

“Have you ever fought a God? If not, then I don’t know what we’re up against!” Herald said.

Igor settled down on the roof top next to them. They shared the sight uncertainly, then looked back up.

The laboratory bugs flew out from the bright doors and tried to beat the height of the ocean waves. Godevo had broken his glass and the liquid spilled afloat in his laboratory. He pulled off the wires connected to his body then stepped out from the Darden evolutionary machine into thermal heat.

The sky was filled with thousands of Norman spirits coming from all directions with their tridents pointing down at him. Godevo took out his Sword of Life and vanished from the spirit world.

The interior of the great scientist’s house glowed brighter as his laboratory exploded. The whirlpool splashed down with a heavy current that poured from miles away. The wind speed carried the strong currents which almost blew away the kings, losing their footing while closing their wings in defence. The Cobos kept their ground with ease; Ken could feel the heat making his face sweat.

Godevo stood on the ground to let the water be calmed; he closed his eyes to reconnect himself with earth. When the meditation was complete, he took his foot off the ground without a wing. Stretching out his head over his backside with the sharp curving horn touching the surface of the water, he rolled his neck back and forth, breathing out blue gas from a flat nose as he opened his eyes and started his long, evil, laughter.

“This feels great!” he said.

Godevo kept his sight on the far kings, slicing his Sword of Life peacefully across the flood line, then rose up in a pace to complete his travel within seconds. Gibeon had all his team rounded up as they followed towards a safe place away from the humans.

“He has made it!” Lindsey said

“I have made it Lindsey. Go to the lab and take the ship. We have far too many journeys to conquer. You need to leave Earth as we speak” Godevo said.

The animals could not believe it when all their wounds healed; Gibeon seized his strong arms happily then looked back at his master: “And you, master?” he asked.

Godevo said “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be there!” and vanished from their sight.

Soon after his departure, the water from their path rose and cleared the road to the lab house. The team jumped onto the dry land as the big bear walked through the middle of the water.

Everybody was expecting a blast when Godevo showed up; Phoenix kept her bow ready, waiting patiently on the edge of the tall building. Godevo shaded his eyes against the sunlight, making his way down peacefully.

Kevin Mayhew said: “That’s him, alright!” looking out with a hand over his head.

Godevo finally laid down his feet. “I heard they sent someone to come for me, and I like to keep myself busy while waiting!” he shouted, studying his enemy head on.

Cobos brightened their weapons of destruction, ready to strike.

Blade yelled: “Here goes nothing!” and the Hego charged up along with Ken’s machine.

Phoenix slowly drifted against the sky as Godevo looked on, then he looked down on the machine with his evil smile.

The Cobos released fire shots, bombs came from all directions, and every gun shot at the same target. Godevo could see the missiles making a slow motion projection, then raised an arm to block the hits. The shots exploded nearby, which he found amusing, considering he could have dealt with the best weapons men had against him. The shooting went on for several minutes while the kings looked on. Ken saw that the damage had been done.

Blade said: “Hold your fire!”

Phoenix drifted slowly to the sky. The smoke proved too much for them to predict the effect of their impact on the great ape. “He’s still standing!” she anticipated Gibeon’s presence before the smoke cleared.

Godevo was still laughing when he proved Phoenix right. He walked on water towards the frightened Cobos. Kings searched each other’s faces to see if anyone was not scared by the return of the ape.

A golden arrow hit Godevo in the chest, followed by several shots that got stuck in his body until Phoenix’s bow was empty. Godevo looked at the thorns then laughed evilly as the gold arrows melted down to the river. Phoenix flew across the sky in disbelief. Shortly, a powerful shot came from behind Phoenix and went past her chest. Soon, all the gold arrows she had ever lost came from all walks of life to strike her in the air. When the thousand shots she made in life were done with her, she lost touch with her classic bow due to gravity, and her dead body splashed against the floating water. It was the end of the great Phoenix.

100km away every sword, spear, bullet, and bomb explosion that had taken place in the atmosphere headed to those who had lost them during any war.

Herald exclaimed: “What in the name of hell is that?”

Kevin Mayhew’s hands were trembling in fear. Igor went down on his knee and prayed against the black skull cudgel which resembled a dead man. The Cobos ran to shield Ken and Blade before they got shot. Godevo sang a lullaby song, swinging his hands like a classic conductor for some great entertainment.

Igor felt the first spear in his back, and he rose, trying to take it out. “This is the spear I killed the last king with!” he said, staring at it with wide eyes. Soon a sharp rib bone hit his shoulder, and trying to pull the sharp bone from his right shoulder, the last king he killed rose from his skull weapon and shocked him to death.

Godevo walked on top of the water, pointing out the next man to see the ghosts of the lost souls they had killed. Kevin Mayhew shot the shadows of his enemies until he ran out of bullets. Soon every dead man had his chance to pull the trigger, passing down the same gun until the rich king fell.

Herald closed his eyes, holding his lucky charm necklet but soon met his faith as everything exploded next to the great ape, indulging in a fist punch roar.

After every weapon had met his man, burning metal of fallen Cobos floated with the flood. The robots remained in the location of Ken and Blade, the two Hegos threw the robot bodies against their machines.

Godevo asked: “What do we have here?” Gleefully rubbing his hands.

Ken and Blade took their stand on top of the dead Cobos that had protected them from the blast. Every other king was dead, and some men inside of the dead Cobos were injured.

Ken and Blade ran towards Godevo, shooting at him as they ran. Godevo raised his arm and shielded those shots against them. Ken took a hit in the chest, while Blade injured his shoulder.

Ken said: “No guns from now on!” Blade agreed standing next to him. Godevo ran towards them and horned Blade’s right shoulder within seconds. Ken tried to punch Godevo with his right arm but he damaged Blade’s Cobo hand. Blade ran towards Godevo who re-emerged from the side and gave him a super punch with the remaining arm but hit his dusty shadow instead.

“Where is he?” Blade asked.

The two Cobos searched the empty sea moving in a semi-circle. Godevo re-emerged behind Blade, and when he turned around, Godevo punched the Cobo’s head which blew him far in the ocean with great momentum. Ken looked at his brother being sent across the sky with a crushed head, as the headless Hego before him fell to the ground. Ken knew he had lost his brother and looked at the mad ape viciously. He tried to attack Godevo, but his foot got stuck.

Godevo made a slow move to his paralysed target who was unable to make a move. He punched the robot, damaging its virtual functioning, and Ken lost control of his machine in a critical moment. Godevo begun to strip off the metal parts of his Hego, pulling off the electric wires hidden inside, and finally the last Cobo died from this war.

Godevo shared his ape laughter, looking at Ken through the head of the dead Cobo; he then shoved his horned head against the head of the Cobo, trying to break out the king from the shell. The mega glass protecting Ken was broken as he looked away to avoid facial harm, his near operator had an electrical shock. Godevo tried to pull him out with a hand but took his time doing so, Ken was certain this was his day, but Godevo gave up on pulling him out.

Ken saw the big man walking away, unsure about the cause of him giving up the kill. Ken came out from the head of the giant machine then saw a golden eagle across the sky, flapping his wings, and after a great inspection he was certain that it was Tom touching the water surface not far off.

Ken wondered: “What the hell? This cannot be! It’s that fool!”

Godevo and Tom stood eye to eye on top of the ocean’s surface.