The moment I was born

The moment I was born I was your desire
To be grouped under you, like an empire
My love for you will never expire
You have made my soul very rich
I see your power through the beauty of the beach
My heart opens to you like a soccer pitch
Make me a fisher of men
Make me faithful, make me truthful.
Keep me yours even though the world is harmful
You love me – for that I am grateful
Lord of love, to me you are everything
Without you I am nothing
Because of you I feel like I am someone
For you I would do anything
I was yours the moment I was born

Ntando felt strong as he wrote this poem. He was so in love with his religion. He could not see himself without it. It made him feel extra kind, a good man who was almost, almost a perfect man. Truth and faith were qualities he carried around his neck. Even if it meant death he was willing to tell the truth. In a world filled with many things, he decided to stand back and watch.

Ntando was tall and had a gorgeous smile. Dark in complexion and had small eyes. Everyone who knew him thought his eyes were sexy. Whenever he looked at you, you would swear he was thinking of naughty things. But his mind was always far away from anything naughty.

He had one beautiful dimple, noticeable on his left cheek. His teeth were straight and super white and a little small. He was handsome and holy. He was a perfect gentleman, all the ladies wanted him. There was one thing they couldn’t stand about him, but that one thing he could never change.


Tell us what you think: What is it that girls can’t stand about Ntando?