“What is this?” S’lindile asked, her voice groaning!

“No love it’s…it’s a… it’s not what you think. It’s…”

“What’s this thing doing in my house, damn it?”

The husband was in shock and embarrassed to tell his wife the truth. It would sound disgraceful to his wife that he, a 30 year-old man was masturbating!

“Honey please, you know I can’t do that. It’s just that…”

“You haven’t answered my question. Who were you with last night?”

“Nobody honey!”

“Then what’s this dirty condom doing here?” S’lindile yelled and slammed the condom on his face!

It had been a long time since she had been this angry. Sipho realised that the only thing that could help him get out of this was to talk the truth; no other way out!

“I was masturbating honey and…”

“Nonsense! Nonsense!”

“It’s true honey, I just felt…”

“I said nonsense! If you were masturbation then what would you need a condom for?”

“Honey let me explain please. It’s not what you…”

“Out!” S’lindile shouted, pointing at the door.

“What?” his eyes were starting to water! This couldn’t be happening.

“I said out! I want to see you no more! OUT!”

“Baby please, give me…”

“Out, damn it!”

Tears were falling down her cheeks. She was angry and the more she looked at him the angrier she got. Sipho was exhausted; his wife didn’t want to listen to him at all. He realised how stupid a person can be sometimes. He should’ve thrown the condom far, outside or maybe masturbated without it because there was really no need for it.

Slowly, he went out with a said face and kept glancing at S’lindile hoping to be called back. But there weren’t any words from her. He got out of the gate and was walking slowly. He hadn’t thought yet of where he was going but he was moving. He walked out of sight, like a dissolving ice cube in hot water, until he was seen no more…

A few months later, divorce papers were delivered to him while he was staying at his friend’s house. Sipho didn’t own much from his marriage, so he got only his cheap few things that he owned.

After that he changed and became a humble person. He was no longer high and mighty and he started to admire and respect every person he came across. It took a real case of falling from his horse to make him understand what people truly are.

The End