S’lindile arrived in the early hours of the morning. She was very excited because she had won the title of being the best dressed for the night. When she entered the house, her husband was still asleep and the whole house was very untidy. Papers and snacks were sprinkled around the house.

“Sipho can be a real pig sometimes? Damn it!” she complained to herself while trying to pick up those papers. “What if I were coming with my friends? Nxa!”

After picking some few papers and went to throw them in the bin. When she opened it, a condom was just laying above the rubbish with fluids in it. S’lindile was shocked. She didn’t use condoms with her husband and she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She felt like ants were running all over the body. Her eyes turned from white to red and her face from nourished to pale.

Now she could see the reason why her husband did not want to go with her last night; he wanted to enjoy himself with other ladies. She felt rage surge through her body like the waves of a stormy sea. She then took the condom, holding it with a paper and went straight to where Ndlovu was.

“Sipho! Wake up!” she shouted as she slapped him. “Wake up you bastard!”

Sipho had felt the slap on his left cheek. He jumped up like he was struck by lightning. He was very angry; wanting to know why his wife was slapping him like that. But when he saw his wife holding a dirty condom, he was in shock. His mouth was open widely.

He did not expect what was happening. His heart raced as he saw the deadly look on his wife’s face. This was unexplainable.