The date of the party was approaching and S’lindile was excited. She had already bought some good outfits for the function and had a range of dresses to choose from. She looked forward to the event even though she knew she would be the only person without a partner. She wasn’t about to let her husband’s tantrums stop her from enjoying herself. She worked too hard, she deserved a party.

She did not care that much about her husband not going to be part of the event. In fact she felt a little relief about that. Sometimes Ndlovu would get out of control at these functions. He would drink too much and start making irrelevant and embarrassing speeches. S’lindile will never forget the day when they had a function for their ancestors at their home. Ndlovu was calling people ‘Izilambi’ and all weird names. He was worse when he found that a person attended without an invitation, he would really make them feel small.

The day of the event finally arrived. A black, glittering dress with shinning diamonds on the chest area was sure to put S’lindile on the spotlight. She left the house too early just to have more spare time. Her husband was left alone, bored and had nothing to do to keep him occupied. He was regretting not going to the party already.

He watched TV for few minutes and then switched it off. He listened to the radio for three seconds switched it off. He walked around the house like a dog looking for a good spot to bask in the sun. The house was just silent. No talking, no laughing but just silence it was so quiet that Ndlovu could hear himself think.

He ate all the snacks he came across. He would open a packet of chips and eat a few, and then he would throw the unfinished pack on the floor. Ndlovu was more bored than the devil with no worshipers!

Being that bored led to him thinking of some crazy, naughty things. He thought to masturbate. It was his hobby when he was in his teens and was as addicted to it as a man addicted to drugs. Two days wouldn’t pass him by without indulging in it.

But today he was about to try something he has never tried before. He was going to do it with a condom on. He had some of the condoms that he had taken from those naughty learners at school. He wanted to feel the difference from what he knew; he wanted to experiment.

He enjoyed himself more than he ever did. When he was done he threw the condom inside the rubbish bin inside the house and he went to bed.