Pearl walked into a bar and approached Qhawe using an impossible pick-up line.

“What should a lady do to get a drink around here?”

“She gotta tell the gentleman in front of her what she drinks.” Qhawe answered.

After a few drinks, she started talking about religion and told Qhawe she had questions she thought she’d never get answers for.

“Throw ‘em at me, my little brother’s a pastor and I’ve heard enough of his lies to answer any question.” Qhawe said.

“Lies? No. Pastors don’t lie.”

“I’ve been his brother forever.”

“So you’re saying… no way… was he a ladies man?”

“He was.”

“Then he changed?”

“From being that guy to being a guy who complains that his wife demands too much attention and sex from him when all he wants to do is spend more time praying and doing God’s work. Doesn’t that sound like a cover-up story for some dirty business going on in church?”

“Oh come on, people change Qhawe. My ex-husband Jimmy used to love prostitutes, that’s why I divorced him. A year after we got married he said prostitutes are the most honest females on earth and he will be a prostitute man till death. But now…well…I make him pay me after sex.” Pearl said, and they both laughed.

Qhawe probably thought it was a joke but it was true. Pearl and I are honest with each other now and I pay her a lot more than I pay other girls, since she has to raise my son and live with the guilt of having sex with her ex-husband when her current husband is a very good man.

I don’t believe in curses but I believe that good guys are cursed. They just don’t know how to handle a woman. They either care too much or too little, but they are never good in bed.

After listening to Pearl’s conversation with Qhawe, I called Amanda and told her to get serious about getting attention from the pastor and pull whatever strings she could to make him focus on her. Even though she didn’t understand why she had to go in when she was supposed to be getting out, she did as I said.

She complained to her husband and reported her misery to the older pastors at church, saying that she understood God’s work had to be done, but she needed a husband and her kids needed a father.

The older pastors talked to Pastor Kubeka and told him he had to be a husband and a father a little more when he was home. That taking care of his family was part of God’s work, and he listened. But the more attention he gave, the more Amanda wanted.

Soon, Pastor Kubeka was having more sex and spending more time with the kids, which meant praying less and feeling a little less holy.

“Jimmy, I don’t know if I should tell you this, but for the first time since we got married, he went down on me.” Amanda said. And that was a green light for my next move.


Tell us: What do you think they will do to set the Pastor up?