Tricia sat gingerly on the metal chair of the investigation room. She was scared and she was confused. She wanted to call her father.

“I don’t know why I’m here, Detective.”

“Is that so?” Detective Terrence said indifferently. He shoved three enlarged pictures towards her. “Do you know these men, Ms Wilson?”

Tricia only gave the snaps a passing glance. Then she took a second, more careful look. Oh God, she did know them. She knew all of them.

“Yes. I… think, I think I went out with them, once.”

The detective smiled slightly. “Yes, I think so too, Ms Wilson. In fact you went out with each of these men at least once this week. And now they’re all dead.”

She gasped.

She couldn’t help herself. These men, she’d seen them less than two days ago. She barely remembered their names now. But still, it was shocking to hear that they were dead.

“They were brutally murdered, Ms Wilson. All murdered the nights they went out with you. Your DNA all over them, all over the crime scenes. How would you like to explain that to me?”

She called her father.

William Wilson was from old money, he’d made new money for himself and now rolled around in all kinds of money. Everyone in Silverrod knew and respected him. Those who didn’t respect him, feared him.

He swaggered into the police station and ten minutes later he swaggered out with his daughter in tow. The Detective was furious of course, but the order to release Tricia had come from way up high.

This wasn’t the end of it, though.

Ms Wilson had something to do with these murders and he would prove it.


Damn it! Damn it, Damn it, Damn it! He was livid! He was spitting mad!

How could he have underestimated the Wilson money? He’d been stupid. When he’d planned to bring that Wilson bitch down he’d forgotten to factor in who her father was. He’d let his need for revenge blind him.

He was a man who learnt from his mistakes, however.

It seemed no prison could hold a Wilson. Alright then, he’d find a way. He’d find a more permanent way to get rid of her.

If it was the last thing he did, he would make that bitch pay for what she’d done to him.


Tell us what you think: Who do you think is framing Tricia for these murders? What will he do to her to get his revenge?