He’d been watching her for days now. That bitch!

She was going around partying with her friends like nothing was wrong, when she’d ruined his life. In all three days he’d been following her, she’d gone shopping, clubbing. She’d even gone on three dates.

Three dates!

He’d been willing to forgive her at first, but that wasn’t an option now. Here he was, trying to pick up the broken pieces of his life and she was gallivanting around town with other men. No, forgiving her wasn’t an option.

She had to pay!

He was proud of the work he’d done already. It had been hard. It had been so hard, but he’d done it. He’d enjoyed doing it too, because it meant one step closer to making that bitch pay.

He watched silently as she left the mall with her friends, chatting and laughing loudly. She was beautiful, he’d give her that. She was tall with a trim body and a pretty face. A man could really fall for that large green eyes and long blonde hair combination.

But he knew what she was like. Tricia Wilson’s beauty was only skin deep. She was evil inside: the devil incarnate.

Well, very soon that would all end. He wouldn’t let her hurt anybody else. No more!


“Trish, are you listening to me?”

No, Tricia was really distracted. She had a weird feeling in the pit of her stomach and she didn’t like it. For the past three days, she’d had a strange feeling that someone was watching her. The more she told herself she was being paranoid, the more the feeling persisted.


“Mom, do you feel like we’re being watched?”

Her mother hesitated for a moment, then laughed merrily. It made Trish feel ridiculous. Of course they weren’t being watched!

“Oh darling!” Maria laughed. “For a moment I thought you were being serious.”

They were sitting in the lunch room of the Golden Arch Hotel, the most exclusive hotel in Silverrod City. Even if some low-life was following her, they wouldn’t be able to get in this hotel.

“Never mind, Mom.”

She decided to walk to her uptown apartment. The hotel would get someone to deliver her car home.

There was a police van standing outside of her building, but Tricia didn’t pay any attention to it. It was the nicest part of town so there wasn’t much crime.

“Ms Wilson? Ms Tricia Wilson?”

Trish started. The policeman was actually talking to her? He actually called her by name. Something must have happened in the building and they must need her as some sort of witness. She checked the man out. If he wasn’t a policeman, he’d be hot.


“I’m Detective Terrence. I need you to come with me to Silverrod Police Station. You’re needed for questioning in relation to a murder case.”

“What? Someone was murdered in my apartment building?”

Detective Terrence gave her a strange look. “No ma’am. If you’d come with me to the station, please.”

The feeling in Tricia’s gut intensified. Something wasn’t right here. The detective was being awfully forceful. And Trish had a nasty suspicion she wasn’t just a witness.

“No, Detective. I didn’t do anything wrong. So whatever you want to ‘question’ me about, you can do it in my apartment, in the presence of my lawyer.”

Detective Terrence’s whole body tensed. He turned a narrow-eyed look on her. Trish’s heart beat faster. She’d just said something wrong. She didn’t know what it was, but she could see it in the detective’s reaction.

“See that, Ms Wilson? That makes me think you did do something wrong. So now I have the choice of arresting you… or you could come willingly. Your choice.”

Trish felt trapped.

She had no choice at all here. All she could do was quietly get into the police van. Willingly. Her heart was pounding at an unhealthy rate and her head was spinning. What the hell was going on?


He was watching. He was always watching.

It would have been more satisfying for him if she had been cuffed like a dog and thrown to the back of the van as she deserved, but this would do. He’d won. He’d stopped Tricia Wilson and put her behind bars.

He’d won.


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