On Sunday Thandi and her dad were sitting while the families were already gone. It was silent and then Thandi broke the silence.

“Dad, mum wanted to tell me something before she died but couldn’t. Please tell me.”

“Ok, when I met your mother she was selling her body to truck drivers. She was doing it for a living. She was 19 and I was 24 so I encouraged her to stop and I took care of her and her family. But she was pregnant with you already at the time.” He told the sad story.

“But dad aren’t I your child?” she asked. He shook his head.

“Dad, no! Why did you not tell me all these years?”

“We were afraid,”

“Do you love me like your child and won’t give me away?” Thandi pleaded.

“Of course I love you and I won’t give you away.” Her dad comforted.

“I need a break so I’m going to the shop.” Thandi went to the shop and met with Ayanda, they chatted for hours and then went home. She ate supper then went to bed.

In the morning Thandi freshened up and went out the door. She went past the spaza, past the taxi rank and met with her friend Mbali. They walked along the dusty road and then saw the gate of Maygen High.

“Thandi, oh sorry dear for the loss of your mum,” said Nelly, Mariah and Nozi who then burst out laughing.

“Ignore them,” said Mbali.

“Cool.” Thandi said casually then they went into their class and found Ms Abey at her desk.

“Morning ma’am.”

“Hello children,” Ms Abey greeted in her vibrating voice. They put their bags on their desks and went to the assembly.

“Children of Maygen High, we have to support Thandi Mthembu, who lost her mum last week,” said Mr Mkize, the principal. He then continued with the long lectures. The school prayed and went to the classes.

“Ok kids in 3 weeks’ time there will be a ‘speak from your heart’ thing. People will tell the community about your hard background or challenges.” Ms Abey told the class. Thuli, Mbali, Khanyisa and Sinesipho volunteered.

“What about you, Thandi?” asked Ms Abey.

“No thanks,” refused Thandi and then the bell rang.

At break time Mbali asked her, “Thandi, why didn’t you volunteer yourself?”

“No I don’t want to,” said Thandi calmly. Then her father came to fetch her, they went to choose a tombstone. Then went home and she told him everything about the three divas (Nelly, Nozi and Mariah).

“Mbali is a good friend always be with her,” Her dad offered some advice.

At school on Tuesday…

“Thandi, I’ve got to tell you something, Ayanda and Nelly kissed,” Mbali shouted when she met up with her friend.

“What! I’ll ask Ayanda now!” She said going to Ayanda and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hey my baby,” said Ayanda trying to kiss her on the cheek and Thandi moved back to reject his kiss.

“What’s your problem?” asked Ayanda looking shocked.

“Is it true that you kissed Nelly?” Thandi asked furiously.

“What, no! Come on stop being a nagging girlfriend.” The bell rang and they went to class. Ms Abey lectured and thank god the bell rang.

“Thandi wait for me, “Mbali called out after class.”

“What! You lied to me about my boyfriend. I’m not your friend anymore.” Thandi was angry.

“But I didn’t li….”

“I’m not interested,” interrupted Thandi. Thandi went to the three diva’s and asked to join their group.

“Yeah, sure. Let’s all meet at quarter to eight at Dream Club tonight?” Nelly accepted and invited Thandi.

“Cool” said other girls. The bell rang they went back to their classes. Ms Abey told them about ‘speak from your heart’ again. Thandi went home, took out her hottest outfit and had a bath. She wrapped a towel around her body and styled her hair and put on make-up. Then cooked supper and dished for her dad. She wore her outfit and then went to meet with her new friends.