At Dream Club they danced. At the corner of her eye he saw Nelly whispering something to Ayanda and Ayanda whispered back. Thandi kept on dancing untill Nelly came to her.

“Hey, Ayanda wants to talk to you.”

“Cool.” Said Thandi and then she went to him.

“Uh huh?” She said to Ayanda.

“Sit next to me,” he offered and Thandi sat next to him. Then he put his hand on Thandi’s thighs.

“Are you comfortable?” he asked.

“Nah,” she answered. Ayanda stood up and took Thandi by hand and they went outside and over the road to Ayanda’s flat. That night Thandi lost her virginity. She then entered her home at midnight and tiptoed.

“Where were you?” asked a voice behind her. OMG her dad caught her. “I was with Mbali,” she lied.

“I called her and she told me the whole story,” he replied.

“I’m going to sleep Tata, I don’t have time.” she said going to her room.

The next day at school Thandi went inside the school gate and went to Ayanda. OMG Ayanda was kissing Nelly. Thandi couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Ayanda what are you doing?” she asked confused.

“Are you blind, can’t you see?” he asked.

“You used me!” she sounded hurt.

“Maybe,” he said coldly.

“Cool,” she said and walked away going to the class. She went to Mbali to apologise.

“Please forgive me I should’ve believed you.”

Mbali just smiled and they hugged.

“I’m glad my friend is back,” said Mbali. Then the school was out. Mbali and Thandi walked together. Then she entered the house and went to her room. She looked at her phone and saw a text message from Ayanda it said:

Go and check ur status bcoz I’m HIV positive 😉

She cried thinking it can’t be so. She went to a clinic and tested. The time went and finally the nurse came and told her the news.

“We are sorry child but we found a trace in your cells but we are not sure. You must come in three weeks’ time to be tested again. But here are the pills just in case. You can also see a counsellor if you want.”

“Ok, thanks,” said Thandi. You could see hatred in her eyes; she walked out of the clinic and said “this is a new life”.

At home she went to her dad and said he must come to the ‘speak from your heart’ show. He accepted and then Thandi went to her bed and thought there’s only a week left for the show and she fell asleep.

She went to school the next day and told Ms Abey that she volunteers for the ‘speak from your heart’ show.

After school Mabali went to Thandi’s house. They went to her room and wrote their speeches and Mbali spoke.

“Thandi, the day before our friendship was in a challenge I received an SMS from an unknown number, let me show you.

hey loser cme 2 Baby’s Tavern and see smthng. I knw you’l tel ur dear 4rnd and knw it is a set up

Then Thandi looked at the number and it was Ayanda’s number.

“Ok, now I see they planned it all. Don’t worry choma tomorrow is her turn,” she said and then they resumed writing their speeches.

Friday at the school hall Thandi was very nervous. It was Sinesipho’s turn to tell her story, and then it was Mbali’s turn. She told them her background and now it was Thandi’s turn.

“Please welcome Thandiswa Mthembu.” announced Mr Mpondo, the MC. Thandi looked at the crowd then at Ayanda then she spoke.

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I’ll tell you about my story,” she told them about the death of her mum and how stressed she was. She then talked about when Mbali told her about Ayanda and then the Dream Club party.

“And for the last part he took my virginity. I went to test and they found a trace of HIV but are not sure. I am trying my best to not commit suicide because of this person, Ayanda. I’m sorry to everyone I hurt.”

Her dad, Mbali and Ms Abey came to hug her and she continued. “I advise you just like my mum did to me, DONT DO SOMETHING YOU’LL REGRET.”

The End