“Chomie!” Mlungisi shouted when he woke up and noticed Chomie in his bed.

“You are awake honey,”

“What did you just call me?”

“I said honey, Honey.” She leaned over, trying to kiss him.

“No, no, no. Shut up! Dress up and get out!”

Hawu! How dare you! You said I can stay here as long as I want!”

“I didn’t know you are here to seduce and sleep with me!” Mlungisi was getting out of bed.

“Whaaat? I didn’t hold a gun on you and forced you to drink. I didn’t seduce you either and I didn’t throw myself on you. You’ve been longing for this for a long time,” she said moving to where he was standing by the door of the room. “I always notice the way you look at me in my night dress when you come over at Sfiso’s place at night…”

“You are crazy!” he said pushing her away.

“I am crazy? I’m not the one who suffers from masturbation!”

“What! Where… where… where did you get that from?”

“So it is true? I refused to believe it and always defended you when Sfiso told me…”

“Sfiso!!! Damn this dude has changed!”

“Has changed?” she said laughing. “He has always been a betrayer,”

“Come on Mlungisi, what we did was not a mistake. I felt warmth and tenderness around your arms. It felt like I was somewhere in paradise hugging an angel. The way we kissed, felt like honey mixed with berries. The way we made love felt like it was the first time,”

“Stop it mani Chomie!”

“Hmm what you getting hot for me? You know what I’m talking about. I’m right here with you, look at me I’m undressed,”


It had been weeks and weeks that Mlungisi rejected going out with Sfiso. He ignored his calls and didn’t speak to him in class, he no more raised his hand to answer as he used to. Finally Sfiso decided to go to his flat to see what was up with him. He entered the door without knocking.

And as he was on his way to Mlungisi’s bedroom, he heard voices.

“Hi hi hi hi, hehehe! Stop it Mlungisi, you are tickling me…”

“I like the way you laugh so I won’t stop,”

“It’s not funny Mlungisi!”

“Then why are you laughing?”

“The tickling gives me no choice,”

“I think I recognise that voice, is it? No could it be?” Sfiso said to himself standing outside the bedroom door.

“Mlungisi!!! Chomie!!!”

“Hey learn to knock wena this is not your house!” Chomie shouted.

“Is this why you have been avoiding me and ignoring my calls, Mlungisi? Are you choosing Chomie over a friend?”

“Sfiso, leave before I freak out!”

“Mlungisi how could you? I thought we were close friends,”

“I said leave!” Mlungisi shouted while throwing Chomie’s shoes at Sfiso.

“Okay mfwethu it’s fine,” Sfiso replied.


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