After a few days Sfiso had made up his mind. After chatting to his best friend about Chomie, they both agreed that he had strong feelings for her and he decided to go for it. Things weren’t that bad between Sfiso and Chomie in the beginning of their relationship. They did all the wonderful things together. Went to movies, to the beach, to Sun-coast, and spent weekends in luxurious hotels.

But Chomie started being bossy to Sfiso. She was more concerned about where he was going, with whom, what for, who’s car was he going in and when will he come back. He would, at times, go to her own places with the house key as they were sharing one key, and she will come home late. She would have lame excuses and that really troubled Sfiso. But every time he would bring it up, she would attack his relationship with Mlungisi.

“Sfiso I don’t like the things you do for this boy, no shame it’s too much,”

“What are you talking about?”

“First you paid for his trip to Cape Town, which will be taking place next year, and now you’re depositing thousands in his bank account for his grandmother’s treatment. Why is that so?”

“Haibo! Chomie, he is like a brother to me, I care about him, I believe in him and I love him. I’ll do anything for that boy,”

“It’s just that you spending too much money on him,”

Weh Chomie, are you jealous? How many times do you change your hair in a month? How many times do you get your nails done in a week? And how many times do I buy you new pairs of shoes within two weeks? Do you see that the money I spend on you is way too much than the money I spend for Mlungisi’s necessary things?”

“Oh so that’s how it is? Spending money for Mlungisi’s trip and his grandma’s treatment is more important than spending money to make your girlfriend happy?”

“It’s important because he really needs the money and you just need it to satisfy yourself!”

“Wait a minute, doesn’t he get satisfied when you spend money on him?”

“It’s different,”

“What is different here? Mhh? You know what, I don’t need your explanations. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again for the last time, it’s either you choose me or your friend!”

“That’s nuts! The reason I haven’t answered that stupid request of yours, is simply because I won’t choose you over my friend. It’s either you live with that or you pack your bags and leave now! And if you’re reluctant of doing so, I’ll pack your bags now… as in now!” Sfiso shouted.


“I’m sorry to come to you at this time it’s just that I didn’t know where else I can go,”

“Shh, it’s fine come inside. Don’t cry please. Whatever it is that’s worrying you, you can take it out from your chest. I have good listening skills,”

“Thank you,” Chomie said walking in the house, sniffing away tears.

“Oh you carrying a suitcase as well… come in along with it,”

“Thank you very much,”

“No! It’s fine sit down. Do you prefer water or a cup of coffee?”

“Black coffee is fine, thank you.”

“There you go, hold it carefully before it burns you. So tell me what is wrong?” Chomie stirred her cup of coffee, tasted it with the teaspoon then answered him.

“He chased me out of his house. I don’t know for what reasons, but he told me to move out of his house and never come back,” she said looking at her coffee and not at Mlungisi.

Hawu! Can Sfiso do such thing!”

“Ay it’s not shocking, it’s just like him!”

“What do you mean, has he been mean to you?”

“Ay I’d rather not say anything,”

“Come on Chomie, I care about the both of you so I need to know if he has been mean to you, perhaps laid a hand on you,” Mlungisi was now on his feet.

“No! He hasn’t laid a hand on me. It’s just that he has accused me of lot of things I know nothing about! He lost his bank card last month and he said it was me!”

“What! How can he do such thing! You would never do a thing like that, would you?”

“Of course not! I would never do such thing. I love him,”

“I know, perhaps I should call him and ask him, what’s up with him!”

“No! That will be unnecessary. I mean he doesn’t have to know that I’m even here,”

“Ay, I don’t know what’s wrong with him. I really don’t! But it will be fine you can spend a night with me. You can sleep on my bed and I will sleep on the sofa,”

“No! It’s fine you don’t have to sleep on the sofa in your own house. And I’m too much of a lady to sleep at the sofa, so we can share your bed.”

“Noo! That’s disrespecting my friend. It’s fine, really. Back at home I was used to sleeping on the sofa when we had visitors,”

“But I’m no ordinary visitor!” Chomie said with a smile.

“Yes, but…”

“Ha ha ha! No need to explain yourself to me or you’ll bite your tongue. I’m stressed out, do you have a strong wine around here?” she said changing the subject.

“Ja, look for it under the sink cabinet,”

“Hahaha you drink alcohol as well?”

“No. It’s for celebrations and special occasions, actually Sfiso bought it for my birthday party,”

Mlungisi was smiling as he thought of his friend. He was worried about Sfiso. What Chomie had said shocked him. He didn’t notice that she had stopped smiling when he talked about Sfiso.

“Oooh, should I pour you a glass of wine as well?”

“Yes sure, one glass won’t kill me!”


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