“All thanks to Pastor Rongo!” Lucas asked in dismay. “This man is a monster! He tried to kill you and you say it’s all thanks to him?” The crowed mumbled and shouted.


“You must be possessed by a demon young man, get out from here in Jesus name!” The pastor shouted.

“No dad, you know that there is nothing wrong with me… And yes people, this wicked man is my father. If it wasn’t for the Lord’s grace, Leleti would have been dead by now. As I was praying, the Lord directed me to buy some baby water and then directed me to my father’s house. There, I found a bottle of poison and emptied it, and then poured the baby water there. I then put a hidden camera, so that I’ll have proof in court. So Pastor ‘Wrongo’, don’t you dare try to deny it because I got it all in this video player or you want me to play it for the whole church?” Lucas shouted.

“I can explain!” Pastor Rongo said.

“I thought as much. Ladies and gentlemen Pastor Rongo is a murderer and a rapist, and I think mme-Machaba, sister Refilwe and MaMsane can confirm that!” Lucas shouted at the top of his lungs.

MmeMachaba, Sister Refilwe and Ma Msane shared their story; Pastor Rongo raped them then threatened, and told them not to tell anyone about it. Leleti also told the church that Pastor Rongo also forced himself to her. Then the police came and arrested him in front of his church people.

“Oh my child I’m sorry that such a thing has happened to you,” Mrs. Majola said, wrapping her daughter in a hug.

“Ma, there is also another thing I want to tell you,” Leleti said breaking away from the hug and looking at her mother. “The reason why I didn’t want to date any men… well, it was because uncle Sthembiso also raped me, while I was living with him,” Leleti cried

“Oh my goodness where is that fool!” Mr. Majola shouted and turned back in search of him.

“I caught this man trying to escape, is there something wrong that he has done?” Lucas asked holding Sthembiso’s arms tightly.

“Yes, he is as guilty as Pastor Rongo; he as well, raped my child,” Mrs. Majola burst in tears.

“Whaat! But there is no proof!” Sthembiso defended himself.

“Wait a minute is that Sthembiso Majola,” A guy appeared from the back sit.

“Thalente… what are you doing here?” Sthembiso shouted.

“Oh God it is him. I once caught this guy raping that lady and I made a video and kept it. I used to threaten him and told him I’ll report it, but then he paid me to destroy it. But I didn’t, I still have it back at home,” the man shouted.

The police then disappeared with Sthembiso, Thalente and Pastor Rongo, but the others remained in church.

“Leleti, I’m sorry for all the wrongs I have done to you. I just want to tell you that I’m sorry and I will always love you. I know it will be hard for you to forget all that I have done to you, but all I’m asking of you is to give me another chance. And I promise I’ll make it up to you, because I love you and I want to spend my whole life with you,” Lucas said.

“After all that has happened to me, Lucas, I’m not sure if I can be with a man so soon,” Leleti replied.

“Please Leleti, please give me another chance. I’m not as bad as you think I am. I have been living a lie for the past weeks, all because of my father. But can you now give yourself time to know me?”

“I really don’t know Lucas,”

“Any man can approach a girl and make her his girlfriend, but a real man approaches a woman and makes her his wife. So, Leleti Majola, will you marry me?” Lucas knelt down and slowly put a diamond ring onto Leleti’s finger.

And Leleti gazed at her mother.

“It is your choice my child and you have to do what you think is best for yourself,” Mrs. Majola said. Then Leleti turned and stared at her father.

“I know I have been forcing you to give me a grandchild my daughter, but I won’t force you in this one!” Mr. Majola said. Then she turned to Lucas.

“I have waited so long for this moment, and thank you very much for making it come true. Any man who has saves my life and impregnates me, deserves to be my husband,” Leleti exclaimed.

“You mean… the child is mine?” Lucas asked in shock.

“Yes, Lucas, the child is yours. Pastor Rongo at least used protection!” Leleti replied. And then there was great laughter, shrieking and singing at the church.

“My child, Pastor Rongo once said to me, what matters in a relationship is that two people love and stick to each other. He said in a relationship there mustn’t be a person who loves the other more and works harder than the other. But both partners must work with each other. He also said that in a relationship, there will always be challenges, and without them the relationship will be doomed. And therefore, we must endure and persevere, for challenges are meant to keep us strong and not to destroy us. No matter how wicked and hypocritical Pastor Rongo was, but those words are true. Because the word of God is always true, nothing and no one can change it,” Mrs. Majola said, almost teary.

“And my father would always say you don’t need a pastor to tell you what to do, as long as you have the Holy Spirit. So all I’m trying to say is that, some people are deceivers and impostors, so that’s why you have to stay strong in the word of God and believe only what the bible says,” Mr. Majola added.

“And my child, the bible says you must search and inspect every spirit, so you won’t be deceived and be thrown in darkness,” Mrs. Majola said.

“Thank you for those words, Mom and Dad,” Leleti said and hugged them.

“Is the baby a boy?” Mr. Majola asked with great excitement.

“Oh Baba, it’s too early to tell!” Mrs. Majola answered for her daughter. Mr. Majola then called Lucas.

“My son, take good care of Leleti, don’t hurt her, for she’s been through a lot. If anything bad happens to her you’ll have me to deal with,”

“I promise not to hurt her but always keep always keep her happy,” Lucas said.

“And Lucas, always include God in your marriage. Don’t make my daughter a broken hearted girl, again.” Mrs. Majola said, embracing him.

[The End]


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