One day, Leleti had gone out and came back in the evening and Pastor Rongo had already cooked dinner.

“My angel, is that you?” Pastor Rongo shouted from the kitchen.

“Yes pastor it is me,” Leleti replied.

“Okay, don’t come in the kitchen. Remain there at the living room. I have prepaid dinner!” Pastor Rongo chuckled.

“Oh okay,” Leleti replied from a distance.

Pastor Rongo then took poison he had bought, and poured it all over Leleti’s food. He then appeared in the living room after a long while.

“Here we go. Macaroni, cheese and minced beef,” Pastor Rongo said.

“Hmm, how did you know it’s my favourite?” Leleti exclaimed.

“I saw it in a vision!” Pastor Rongo joked.

“Hmm, let us pray, I can’t wait to taste it,” Then they closed their eyes, held each other’s hands, and Pastor Rongo began to pray.

“Heavenly father in the name of Jesus, Lord we pray that You will bless our food that we are about to eat. Amen,”

“Amen,” Leleti also said.

“Hmm, mmm. This really tastes good, you must be a great cook!” Leleti was pleased.

“I guess so, I did hospitality back at school,” said Pastor Rongo.

“Hmm really…”

The food troubled Leleti in her throat as she spoke while chewing.

“Watch it, drink here,” Pastor handed her a glass of wine.

“Feeling better?” pastor asked.

“Eeeh, actualy I’m not feeling well!” Leleti said.

“What is wrong with you?”

“Ooooh no Pastor, something is wrong with me, pray for me! Pray for me!” Leleti shouted.

The pastor watched her screaming in pain, until she screamed no more. And he later called the ambulance.


“Colossians three, verse thirteen says: “Make allowance for each other’s faults, and forgive anyone who offends you, for the lord has forgave you, so you must forgive others. Hallelujah!” Pastor Rongo worked the congregation at the Sunday service.

“Amen Pastor!”

“You know forgiveness is a very powerful action, which glues the communities, families, nations, countries and even the entire world.” Now listen, I’m not a fan of poetry but there is one poem I read written by Vuyani K. Cele, and one of its lines says: “Don’t forgive because you want to be seen but forgive because the lord is forgiving you for your daily sins,”

And the church clapped their hands in excitement.

“Okay before I began today’s service is there anyone who wishes to share a testimony?” Pastor Rongo asked. At that moment, Leleti stood up from one of the chairs in the church.

“Yes, I would like to share a testimony,”

“Oh, Lel… Leleti,” Pastor Rongo was greatly surprised; he trembled with fear.

“Well after what happened to me on Friday, I thought I was going to die,” she paused. Then she carried on, “But I was shocked when I appeared in the hospital with doctors and nurse surrounding me and I couldn’t quite remember how I’d gotten there. And I would like to thank Pastor Rongo for saving my life,”

The church clapped their hands and shrieked. The Pastor felt relief wash over him.

“I also found out that I’m pregnant that night,” Leleti added. “And that is why I ended up at the hospital that day!” she smiled a great smile and said, “Again, all thanks to Pastor Rongo!” Leleti boasted.


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