Then the worst thing happened. Aya moved to Cape Town. I knew then and there that it would never work. I had long distance relationships with all these men from far away and I knew it doesn’t work.

But I held on. A part of me believed that we could make it work. I believed we could overcome any obstacle. I was never good with long distance relationships but for Aya I would try.

I tried. For a few months I really tried. But I couldn’t do it. I was determined in my heart to be faithful but something took over me. A hungry animal was on the loose. I went from booty call, to booty call and I never stayed too long. I didn’t wanna be attached.

I did get attached a few times though. Like this time I was with Luthando, a B-tech student at my school. Nice body, not so cute, but his dark skin made him irresistible. He was wonderful in bed. Every time we did it I had butterflies in my tummy.

I slowly fell for him. Maybe it wasn’t love but the knowledge that he at least wanted more from me. But every time I raised the subject he made it clear that we would be an item. He said we’d go steady we just needed a little time.

Then he slept with Chuma, some girl in my class. It hurt like hell but I pretended like nothing happened. Pretending does help sometimes because it doesn’t hurt anymore. I guess I just needed time away and a booty call of cause.


Tell us what you think: How hard is maintaining a long distance relationship? Have you ever been tempted to cheat.?