Things went very well for a long time. On our first Valentine’s he sent me the most romantic SMS’s ever. He even sent me a lovely poem. I spent the whole day dreaming about our wedding day, our kids. I was in a love bubble. Sadly I couldn’t see him because I was at school but we were going to meet the weekend after valentines.

When Friday came, I went to the shops and bought him a present. When I got to his place I discovered that he didn’t get me anything. I was disappointed, but the SMS’s had softened me up. The gift didn’t matter. It was the thought that counted and the fact that we loved each other.

We got to know each other very well. During this process I discovered things about him I didn’t like. Though his habits were changeable, Aya didn’t seem willing to change. I guessed he was afraid to lose his friends.

They all drank and smoked and I had no say in it. I was a new comer in his life and they have been there for him since forever. One particular friend was Luthando, his best friend. I think he played the biggest role in this bad influence since they were best friends and he drank a lot.
Sometime Aya would tell me things that they got up to when they were drunk. The fighting, the girls; just plain stupid stuff some times.

And I didn’t like it one bit.

I told Aya; actually I begged him to stop drinking and smoking. Eventually he agreed but I knew he was saying that to make me happy. The fact is I’d never seen him drunk or high. Even if I had I couldn’t tell apart from the smell.

Somehow deep down I knew that I was fooling myself…

Second thing that troubled me was his “female friends”. He spent a lot of time with them. They would go to his place even when I am not there. There was this other girl he liked. He spent the whole weekend at her house. He kept telling me they were friends but my gut feeling told me otherwise.

But it wasn’t something I could break up with him for. I had no proof and he never neglected me so I just let it slide.

But my suspicions never stopped. And as time went by, my in securities came back, they got worse buy the day…


Tell us what you think: Is it possible for a guy and a girl to have a plutonic (non-sexual) relationship as friends?