He walked and walked all the while more creatures in the forests of shadows cowered in fear from him. He continued following the orb as it began changing colours. Alexander soon entered a very remote part of the forests. Beautiful crystal flowers bloomed everywhere, the Lake of Truth he finally discovered. The orb soon exploded into thousands of diamond dusts that flew into the air.

Walking to the pond there he crouched at the bank of the lake. Gingerly he tried looking at the reflection of himself on the lake’s surface. He’d done so but what he found was his own reflection, until ripples began forming on the lake’s surface. Alexander was left horrified when a vile monster was the new reflection of himself.
“Who are you?” asked Alexander to the image of the monster on the lake’s surface.

“I am you,” replied the monster. Shocked was Alexander for the Lake of Truth could tell no lies.

“Why are you me?” asked Alexander again.

“Because I was there with you from the beginning, since you were born,” replied again the monster, whose voice was pleasing and beautiful, a polar contrast to his appearance.

The monster had two huge teeth that stuck up from its bottom row of teeth. His skin-colour was greenish-brown and on his face were several scars and lumps. The monster had red eyes which were filled with evil intentions. It was pure evil in nature.

“Did you kill Mr and Mrs Irving?” questioned Alexander further.

“Yes, also the other foster parents you lived with before,” said the monster.

“But why did you kill them when they gave me love?”

“Because Alexander I want you all to myself. The moment love enters your heart my existence fades away, and if love takes over your heart then I will be gone forever,” said the monster.

Alexander realised that so long as his heart and soul was sad and gloomy, the monster would remain. However, if he tried to find happiness in life the monster would surely take it away. There was only one conclusion left which was to accept the monster. Become friends with the monster was the only choice for him. In that way he would never be alone ever again.


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