Since that evening he would call regularly to say hi and chat but we never really talked in person. I had to eventually tell my friends about Vusi after Bongi read a message from my cell phone that read:

‘have a gud nyt sleep beautiful. Vusi.’

“Oooh! Someone has some explaining to do”, said Bongi. I couldn’t lie to the girls, why would I? It’s not like something was going on between Vusi and I.

“Well, he has been calling me and we are nothing but friends, happy now?” I said in a rather cheerful voice. It’s been long since I felt happy and here I was, as happy as my friends were.

It was time for exams and I was freaking out, dealing with the chaos at home was enough. Not to mention the stress of having a boyfriend, yes, Vusi and I were finally a couple – a ‘cute’ couple as people said. I had to balance my school work and my dating life. Vusi and I spent a lot of time together.

Whenever I was with Bongi and Charmaine, he wouldn’t come to us and whenever I was with him, Bongi and Charmaine would not come to us. I must admit, I found that a bit strange.

Vusi opted for History instead of Tourism so I studied with my friends when we were about to write Tourism exams and I studied with Vusi on the other subjects. I wasn’t neglecting my friends or anything; I just wanted to get to know him more.

Exams were finally over and I had a great feeling I had passed, I studied hard for Christ’ sake and I was sure I had nailed it. Well during holidays Vusi had to go back to Joburg to his mother, that didn’t quite sink well with me because it was our time to spend more time together without any exam stress.

“It’s a must, Vatiswa, my mom is sick and I have to go… “, I just stared at his cute face. “… you understand right, right baby?”

For a moment I wanted to cry but he pulled me close and gave me a warm kiss on the lips. I held him closer and we kissed passionately for God knows how long.

“My uncle will be here any minute now so we better behave,” Vusi said as he slowly pulled away from our passionate embrace. Indeed, his uncle pulled up a couple of minutes later in his BMW.

We said our goodbyes and I went back inside my house. I found my mother standing at the kitchen window. “What was that all about young lady?” I could tell she was furious with me.

“Mom, I’m going to Bongi’s house, there’s a party there.” I somehow became rebellious and I kind of liked it.

“Vatiswa, I’m asking you about that boy you were kissing out there and you are telling me about this nonsense party of yours!” she was shouting now.

I went to my room, changed into a black mini dress and took my cell phone, jacket and purse and stormed out of the house. God knows what my mother did back there when she realised I went out at that time of the night.

Tell us what you think: Is Vusi a bad influence on Vatiswa? Is it wise for her to go partying without informing anyone?