It was 19H50 by the time I arrived at Bongi’s place, cars were parked everywhere. I looked around and saw Charmaine with another guy and I went over to them.

“Hey girlfriend, you made it,” she said and I picked up that she was already on a high buzz. I excused myself and went to look for Bongi, it was already 21H00 and I wanted to go home. I went inside the house and found her in her room with a guy from school, whose name I couldn’t remember.

“Hey girl, may I come in?” I asked.

“Sure, you know Mandla, right?” she said still in Mandla’s arms on her bed.

“Well ok, girl I have to go home now, can I get any lift around here?” I was annoyed by the way that Mandla guy was smooching Bongi like I wasn’t even there.

I then went outside after Bongi said she’ll ask one of Mandla’s friends to drive me home. As I was standing there, my phone rang and I picked it up… it was Vusi.

“Hey beautiful…” he greeted and I smiled to myself. “What’s that noise, where are you?” I had forgotten to tell him about Bongi’s party.

“I’m at Bongi’s place, there’s a party here and I want to go home now”.

Vusi promised to come and fetch me, so I put on my jacket and waited outside the gate. He arrived 15 minutes later. I was expecting him to be with his uncle but he was driving alone.

“Hey, can I grab a couple of drinks before we go?” he asked. I gave him that ‘are-you-serious’ look and he laughed. I got inside and we drove off.

“So you can drive,” I said looking at him. I just loved looking at his cute face, that guy was so handsome!

“I would still be at my uncle’s garage if I couldn’t drive,” he said and we laughed. We arrived at my place and as I was about to unfasten my seat belt, Vusi leaned and kissed me.

“Let’s do it before I go, please baby,” he whispered in my ear. Well, we have talked about sex but I didn’t think it would be this soon, but I wouldn’t mind to lose my virginity to such a great guy.

Tell us what you think: Is Vatiswa moving too fast with Vusi? Is their relationship ready for the next step?