The hotel was beautiful. Lunga and Peggy really chose a perfect place for their anniversary? How much are they paying for this event, I wondered? Sixty guests were a bit too much really but I guess some people were into this sort of thing. Splurging and celebrating hard.

Maybe it is important, because one day you wake up and the marriage is over, I found myself thinking. Might as well celebrate it while you can.

I got into the shower and decided to take my time. It was still some time before the lunch. I was not ready to see Andile again but what choice did I have? At least lunch wouldn’t be long but the problem was the dinner the following night. That was probably going to be long and painful.

I sprayed perfume on my collarbone and my neck. It was a sensual scent; I liked how it boosted my mood and made me feel sexy. It was winter and there was a hint that snow may fall. I wore black high-waisted jeans with a polo neck. I through over a long emerald green kaftan with a yellow and red print that looked like it could be a brocade fabric because it was luxurious.

I wore nude block heels embellished with crystal jewels in violet and pink, with a bit of glittery spark. I loved those shoes, they were Prada. I was carrying a yellow box clutch and had a bold red lippie. This was me, the outfit was always black but the accessories were bold and so were my lips.

Melusi texted me to say he was already with the others at the lunch table. The other guests were arriving in the morning and it was only the friends who were there. There would be a matrimonial ceremony tomorrow afternoon then the dinner. I took the lift and arrived at the dining hall faster than I anticipated.

My dad called earlier to tell me that I could still back away from this weekend. I could send the gift. I told him that he didn’t raise a coward so here I was. I was going to face Andile and that was it. I was beautiful and as usual, all eyes were on me the moment I stepped in. The doorman asked for my name showed me to the table. There was silence as I approached them. Peggy screamed. Melusi stood up.

“Zolaaaaa! Oh my God you came, babe,” she screamed. I smiled.

“Babe, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Hello everyone!”

“Hello beautiful!” Melusi said, kissing my cheek. Everyone said hello and I hugged the couple. Andile was open-mouthed.

“It’s good to see everyone,” I said sitting down on the only seat left next to Melusi. He pulled the chair for me.

“Yes, it’s good to see you. Uhmmm… Zola, this is my sister in-law, Lee and my brother Mike… And of course, you know everyone else here,” Lunga said, looking a bit uncomfortable.

Peggy smiled. Always such a happy person, our Peggy.

“Oh, nice to meet you,” I said with a smile.

They both smiled back. Melusi asked if he could get me anything and he called the waiter. Lunch was delicious and everything seemed to be going well. Melusi’s silly jokes were making it easy. Andile looked a bit uncomfortable. Lovely. I could feel his eyes on me and it made me angry. Why was he looking at me, what gave him the right?

The conversation was not awkward at all, especially because there were several chats going on at the table. Melusi, Peggy and I were talking. Andile asked to be excused and stepped out. Not long after, Malusi’s phone rang and he stepped out.


Tell us: How do you feel about Andile’s behaviour around Zola?