“He is still crazy about you, you know?” Melusi said when we went for a walk that afternoon. I didn’t reply. My heart felt like it would jump out of my mouth. I didn’t want to hear this.

“A year ago I would have done anything to hear that. I wanted nothing more than to hear those words from Andile,” I said, as I kicked the little pebbles on the pathway.

There was a lake on our left and it looked picturesque as a backdrop to the hotel. This view was magnificent. I wanted to stay here for a long time, breathe this fresh air and enjoy the view of the mountains. The big oak tree reminded me of something. Seeing it felt like deja vu.

I kept thinking that I had seen it before and I couldn’t shake that feeling. I tried to think where I could have seen it but the memory escaped me. I had seen a painting like this in a gallery, not so long ago. What a coincidence. Melusi stopped.

“And now?” he said and I had to think for a second on what he meant.

“Now…things are different. This is funny but I don’t. I don’t want him anymore. I just… he is just the past.” I said and thought about what I had just said.

“Is there someone else? Right now?” Melusi asked, standing in front of me.

“No actually. No one. I am too busy to get into relationship. Business is hectic and with all the travelling, I just haven’t had time or the desire to deal with a man. And you?” I asked, looking at him.

“There is no one for now. I am just having fun exploring,” he said, displaying his perfect teeth.

“Oh ‘exploring’ sounds like fun!” I said laughing, and he chuckled.

The rest of the afternoon Andile was not himself. He looked uncomfortable and kept staring at me. I would be laughing and turn to his direction, only to catch him staring at me intently. He was even drinking too much now, downing that whiskey as if he was going to be told that the bar wasn’t open anymore. He always loved his drink.

Looks were circulating at the table. Peggy and Lunga kept exchanging glances and looking at him, but nobody asked him. He eventually excused himself and went back to his hotel room. He looked mad for some reason. I didn’t want to know what was bothering him so I tried not to spend too much time thinking about it. Melusi was a good distraction.


Tell us: What do you think is bothering Andile?