Flap and zoom

Katongo walked to the bedroom and hid everything underneath the bed safely. She looked at Andrea and asked her to check if anyone was watching them. She looked through the windows, air vents and keyholes. No one was watching them. The two were sure they were alone. They touched their backs and their wings sprouted.

Just as they were about to fly back home something jumped through the closed window and shattered it to pieces. It stood up straight and revealed itself to be a tall man arrayed in golden amour, carrying a sword. He spread out his wings – he was a royal fairy messenger. Katongo and Andrea were in trouble now.

“It is the king and queen’s request that fairies Katongo and Andrea show themselves before the throne for trial. If you do not want to, other means will be used to make you comply,” he said.

Andrea looked at Katongo, “Fly!” she yelled.

The two flew away. They drew circles over their heads and were now invisible to the human eye. The royal messenger flew after them with great speed. Andrea and Katongo flapped their wings as fast as they could. The messenger stretched his arm and aimed for Katongo. A fire ball came from his hand and flew towards her. She saw it and ducked. Now provoked, Katongo decided to fight back.

“Fireball proud and tall, flap and zoom and hit them all!” she chanted and three simultaneous fire blasts went zooming and hit the messenger.

He stood up unharmed. He shot Katongo with a lava ball and it sent her flying. She landed on top of a tall building and moaned in pain.

“Blast this one if you may, send him very far away!” yelled Andrea as she stretched both arms and aimed for the guard.

A very strong gush of wind blew from Andrea’s palms and sent the messenger flying. She flew toward Katongo who was slowly recovering from her blow. She tried to lift her up. The messenger appeared out of the thin air, grabbed Andrea and teleported back to the clouds.

“No!” shouted Katongo and she burst into tears. “This was all my fault, if only I hadn’t brought her here, none of this would’ve ever happened.”

She slowly flew back to the abandoned house and sat on her bed. She tried to think of a way to save Andrea but none came to mind. She wiped her tears and thought hard. Then she had an amazing and crazy idea. I was so naive to ever want to see the human world. My love for the human world got me into this mess, but perhaps it might also take me out of it, she thought. She touched her wounded tummy and it was healed instantly. After all that happened she decided to rest and so she slept. But before she did, she cast an invisibility spell on herself so no intruder could see her.

The next morning, she was ready to put her plan into action.


Tell us: What do you think Katongo’s plan could be?