You youth, this is your prayer, you see
things had turned, don’t let thee
too get turned. Askth lord’s wisdom lest
from wreath, he shall serve, this world is cruel
let it not swallow thee alive, let not sinners
entice thee.

Say this in your prayer; our father who art
in heaven, teach us thine wise, drain us out
from way lays. Let not our feet rush into sins,
let not our clapper chant liar.
forgive us our debts, lead us not into
temptations. Help us shun evil.

We askth thee to prudent our lives, let wisdom
Be garland to grace our head, a chain to
Adorn our necks. Don’t full our homes
And purse with plunders, help us not to rebuke
Thine wisdom, dwell us in safety and be quite from fear
Of evil. Break the mockers with thine iron rod.