Some people know what it’s like to be called foreigner
To be told to go back where they come from
To be told that they are not welcome in another country
To be treated harshly every place they go
To be called names all the time
To be discriminated against because of their country of birth
To be protested against for making a living for their families
To be stoned
To be poked
Just because they are citizens of other countries
To leave their families behind in order to find work in another country
To be told that they steal jobs from other people
Even though they are only trying to make a living
To earn a small salary even though they work extra hours
To not be appreciated for the work they do
To live with fear in their hearts
Living in a place where nobody wants them
To experience a living nightmare
When they cross borders of neighbouring countries they are attacked
Some people know what it’s like to sleep with one eye open fearing that someone will come and harm them while they are asleep
To look over their shoulders everywhere they walk
To be laughed at because of the way they talk

And some people don’t