In the restaurant, slowly I hear the voice of narrator
In front of them, the was food decorator
The clean innocent girl brings food like a navigator.
She never panic being called the restaurant gater

Yesterday, she never cares about being clean.
Neither of the body is that lean
She never stands in order to win
Never care about her background clean values
Neither has she thought she got value
After standard 10, she had to learn the new ways
She never mastered nor taste the Pure way
She got the job in restaurant
They motivate, it’s her talent
She loves people
She never gossips about people.

She changes to be neat
Bringing that BBQ delicious meat
Smiling, smiling, smiling all the time
Today she is a brandy
Today she represents African beauty
Not the one is mixed by muti
Never again be mute
Today, she’s got dignity
The reason you work unity
You customers, tourist, restaurant owners you are decorator