It was my ultimate dream before I bought the farm,
To fall in love and travel the world
We met at last,
We lived every day like it was our last

We had our crazy adventures

When we climbed the mountains,
You looked down on the city
To see if this could last for a while
But we knew there is no permanency in chaos,
You could tell.

We danced under the stars
Until sunrise
I looked deep into your eyes
To seek the real truth about this adventure,
I saw your crafted soul in different patterns
Sodom had opened; I envisioned the impossible, maybe
We could steal some identities and relive
This moment once again, you thought.
Our eyes on the sky, we made a wish

…that we could stay this young even in our grey times.
You whispered some titter noises,
I guess it was the spreading of the poison
Because I never look back to any shadows,
Because we walked as fine as one.
God, how I wish it was real,
Maybe heaven and earth are one
Just solace of absence to cool my heels.

We grew pains, with the walk so fast and long,
We finally grew apart before I changed my last name

Before I could have my first dream
We were both in other families’ family reunions.