Every like and comment on my work is appreciated
It really means that poetry will never die though it is underrated
But who cares about sacrificed charts?
When we read and write with sacred hearts

Every time when I’m writing a passage
I always feel like everyone will get the message
As if the paper will fly up to the sky for the whole world
To bite and digest it from word to word.

I don’t have that negative feeling of ‘poetry is dead’
I don’t keep demotivations in my open-minded head
Let alone the greed and obsession that dead living poets have
I don’t need money or fame, I’m here to serve

All I want is my poetry being read and lived for the good
All I want is to feed the needy minds my poetic food
I know I might sometimes be misunderstood
Though my head is without hood

I understand my generation’s brainwashed psychology
Believing in self-destructing mythology
And the misuse of the new technology
Where everybody wants to use the trending terminology

All I want is to grow my messages so tall
From Ndlela ID, FunDza Literacy Trust, and the Poetry wall
To the infinity level above them all
Love and peace is what I am for, I recall