On a chilled Sunday morning,
I heard a man talking just outside the churchyard,
By his words I was caught off guard.
In that moment I saw the beauty of a citrus tree,
Heard the sound of a river that runs free and smelled the watered soil.
In silence I stood still to listen to where the voice came from,
That was when I took a glimpse of an old man with a white beard shouting,
“Perseverance is the mother of success”.
I heard him shouting three times slowly,
Like he wanted me to hear every word steadily.
Same as the titanic boat sinking deep,
The words of an old man were sinking deep in my mind.
For these words were and are full of wisdom,
And upon them, I’ll build my kingdom.
The old man uttered the words that got me inspired,
Fully having me empowered.
It was on that day that I made a vow to dwell on the old man’s words.