Free Mandela (once again)
just one more time
from the ceremonial
x-branding workout
the country is put through
in the name of democracy

Release Mandela
from the hangers-on
of all shades of shadiness
yes-men and yes-women
hawking and pressing flesh
in his name

Hands off Madiba
(what do they say
familiarity breeds)
warn those who claim
and lay claim to him
and what he did not

Free Mandela (once again)
from politicians and politricks
from follyticians and their folly
from cronyism and cronies
delivering and manifestoing
from a pole near you

Hands off Madiba
is this the Madiba-card
and not the Mandela-card
or the proverbial race-card
(like there is more than one)

Free Mandela (once again)
not everyone has the right
moral honourable or otherwise
to sanitise and Disneyfy him
for their own to own

Free Mandela (once again)
Just one more time

Hands off Madiba, DA is warned (Cape Times, April 30 2019).