Happy Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day to all women around the globe.
To say happy women’s day is not enough…
We rather say Happy Queens’ Day for..
You are the Queens of the World.

Happy Mother Africa
Happy Mother Tanzania
Happy Mother Utopia
Happy Mather Mauritania
Happy Mother Somalia
Happy Mother Asia
Happy Mother Persia
Happy Mother India
Happy Mother Nigeria
You are the Queens and Mothers of the world.

Your Kings solemnise this day today with honour,
For you are the Queens in their homes.
You are the Queens who deserves a mevrou and
Solemnisation in this Ptolemaic system.

You are the Queens who raise our children
In struggle and with a maternal affection.
For in my mother tongue we say,
“Mosadi o swara thipa ka bogaleng”
True Queens deserve their honour of salutation
And remuneration during this day.
True Queens who fought sacrificed fight
To bring happiness, joy, peace and love at home
True Queens who make sure
They put food on the dinner table
To make sure they feed their homes.

Let this day make you exhilarate your Kings and children
With euphoria to the infinite endings.
Let this day make you all Queens of the world
Let this day bring electrification and
Make you write a tome of love for your family.
Happy Women’s Day to all Queens around the globe.