Packed my clothes and escorted the bag through the back window
Tonight is the night I am forsaking you like a widow
Forsaken by her man who decided to turn his back on life forever
Tonight is the night you and I will never again be together
Tonight is the night I will leave without saying good-bye…

Walking out of that door I will leave behind all that ever mattered to me
Abandon the comfort of home for the cannibalistic world vast as the sea
That is all because I can’t take it no more
Can’t take the rules and regulations that hinders my spirit;
The curses and unsavoury words that seeks to rock me off my feet
Tonight is the night I will leave without saying good-bye…

You sat on the couch unaware of the oncoming catastrophe
That lurked in the dark corners of my youthful mind
A catastrophe that dangled above our togetherness like a brandished axe
Ready to fall on us so that I can refer to you as my dearest Ex
Tonight I will leave without saying good-bye…

Walking down the corridor leading to the door
I lay my eyes on the picture of our wedding day
My mind races back to the day you walked down the aisle
How beautiful and innocent you seemed with your real face curtained in white lace
The whiteness of it resembled the pureness of the church and the peace of an isle

But with time the curtain on your face fell
The star that you had acted out had a to go backstage
And give space to the cold-hearted stranger I never knew

With time there wasn`t joy and merry though the love in my heart was plenty
Your hearts love is just a loud noise-making vessel that is empty
You speak of love as I it was a bunch of sweet-scented roses
You paint it with bright colours but the paint chokes the scenting noses

You mention the sweet time we had
But skip the times you and I spent sad
The e moments that led to our inevitable end
That`s is why now that I walk out of this door
I whisper to myself; Good-bye, see you no more…