Hush! Silence, whispers, suppressed voices that carry with them the flag of hope
Oh! Don’t wake me up from this perfect serenity—that is a dream!
Allow me to drown and sink deeper into the claws of tranquillity—that is life!
Comfort me with the bitter-sweet thorny words of an ancient lullaby
Tell me of the indefinite coming of God…

But, Oh! Please shake not the pillars of my serenity by the scary foretelling of doom
Demons and devils for to me that only exists beyond boundaries of my dream
But lure me to sweet sleep of scented-dreams like the flowers in June
Adorned by dreams of flying chairs, incapable bodies with no limbs lost in the sand
A dream of sins born out of pure innocence

A dream of aborted foetuses that were never given a chance to sleep and dream
Denied the chance to sink and drown in the claws of this dark dream—that is life!
Of ambitious men with big Beyonce-egos who live in their fairy-like dream
Of poor down-trodden, hardworking middle class citizens who strive to keep body and soul together
Of honest men that will die for what they believe in—the martyrs of this world!
Of child soldiers armed with rifles instead of education, isn`t the mind of the child where the revolution begins?

Pretentious men who embrace you face on with a bright smile
A smile that reminds you of the sun smiling to all underneath
But as soon as you turn your back they spew with bile
And tarnish your name with fabrications and lies that will never be true
However so, regardless of all, things will never change—the sky will always be blue

The gross-looking green grass is beautiful as ever
In sharp contrast to mankind that graces the world all over
Mankind who change face like a chameleon ever-ready
Today a friend tomorrow an enemy

Oh! Please wake me not from this dream—that is life!
Is life not a dream that mankind is subjected to with or without consent?
Who of us wanted to be born? Who of all those who aren`t here today wanted to die?
Life is a dark dream that flashes lights of suicide and death at every crossroad
Death is reality that forever accompanies you from birth to end!
Hush! Silence