Will I ever forget about you
Or will you remain forever embedded in my heart

Will I ever love another
Or will my heart dwell on a pain that has a bandage
Disguised by anger and frustration

How dare you forget about me,
How could you leave with my heart?!
Was my innocence not enough for you?!

What if your kiss is the only one I desire
Your touch the only one I’ll allow
Your scent haunts my daydreams and memories
Your words echo in the dark pit that has become my heart

Memories of us playing like omnibuses as I lay in bed
Intentionally roping you in on my fantasies

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but your soul is forever indebted to mine
My throbbing heart will always yearn for your love
I yearn for the day my heart will reveal its true form
The day my heart will forgive and forget publicly

The day its desires will be declared passionately and fearlessly
That day you will know,
Hopefully you will realise that what I truly craved…
Was you