Do not compare! Complete
Do not criticise! Compliment
Do not come, go! Go, it’s your journey
Stay in your lane and smile when they pass!
Wish them luck not by words but by actions

Complete your earthly mission,
We’re all for a purpose and we’re to succeed.
But success should come to your luck
And if you don’t make it, don’t wish them otherwise,
Be happy for them. Show them love, do them lovely

Cry, smile, feel sad, and just be over the moon,
Happiness should start from poverty, and love should start
From hate, otherwise you won’t love.

If they hate, don’t hate them back
But motivate them with your personality
Always be down on earth. Hence nobody’s above

Money comes, money goes! The sun rises, the sun sets
So who are you to stay happy? Who are you to stay sad?
After night comes morning. No matter what’s happening
There’s always hope!

The hope of waking up, the hope of smelling coffee
Without milk or sugar but still it tastes nice!

Let the world be against you, note that it will never fight you!
Unless you’re also against it.

Hope for the best and hope for the worst,
Disappoint and appoint, fall and stand up!

Make life simple while it’s difficult,
Shine and dim, it’s always nature.

Don’t beat yourself up, but bow down
For your good things are in you and
No one will ever take them from you!

You might think you’re different, yes, that’s true,
You are different because you are you!

Stay in your lane! Don’t try to overtake
Unless it’s safe, you might crash

Even if you seem to be moving slow, it’s worth it.

Don’t try to change things or yourself.
Just let it be and just be patient.