Expecting good things
But we see bad
Boko Hallam, Islamic states
We never ordered these
Try America may be.
Once known for peace and harmony
Filled with pacifism
Respect was your identity
But see you today
Ebola, HIV, blood suckers
Daily news headlines
But why not Europe?
Visionary leaders as Obama needed
For world’s developmental obesity
You only had Mandela and Sankala.
Why the Mugabes and Kagames
Why not Lungu?
Try China please!

You had plenty from Nile irrigation
But see your yield today
Zika virus, floods and famine
Climate change is yours now
But why not Japan?

And you Africa again
Albino killings and abductions
Where is the love you had?
Posting your name on the globe
Why you Africa?

Blessed and traditional marriages
Were only entertained
But see today
Aunt James and Uncle Janet
Try Asia maybe

Why is there chaos in Africa?
Proud of you always
Westerners and Easterners admire you
But why is chaos with you?